Popeyes Chicken Sandwich & Apple Pie Review

Today I’m at Popeyes trying their New Chicken Sandwich and apple pie! Robyn was unable to join me today, so I asked theendorsement to help me out. If you are not familiar with theendorsement be sure to check out his channel. His food reviews are not only informative but very entertaining with his dry sense of humor! Check out his channel here

We also did a review of the NEW Sichuan Hot Chicken from Panda Express for his channel. You can check out that video here

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22 thoughts on “Popeyes Chicken Sandwich & Apple Pie Review

  1. Winner, winner. Chicken dinner. theendorsement came along
    He rated Popeyes ninety-seven, Cathy thought that he is wrong
    Eighty-five's the score, that she said, for fried chicken on a bun
    She still prefers the Chick-Fil-A, when all is said and done
    The spicy one was super hot, from the sauce put in the middle
    Whenever Cathy eats hot foods, she always coughs a little
    The apple pie looked like the ones, McD's made long ago
    But the filling lacked full flavor, and tasted just so-so
    Before they ate the apple pie, Cathy fumbled it a bit
    To keep the channel PG, she cut out the words "oh shit"
    They spoke of virgin tacos, with hairs or those with not
    And quoting from The Office, as said by Michael Scott
    Three things I feel, that for me, are often overrated
    iPhones are first I have to list, whether new or old and dated
    Another is the Star Wars thing, I saw enough to see
    The one thing that's for certain, is the force is not with me
    Lastly, are the Rolling Stones, even though their songs are good
    But these guys are getting pretty old, with faces like driftwood
    I guess that's all I have to say, I'll be back again real soon
    With yet another 2cent rhyme, or fun lyrics to a tune

  2. Omg tennessee, I watch that guy 2 the Yankees hat threw me off,, I knew he wasn't from nyc
    With the southern gentleman drawl, I like him
    Anyway keep hustling you guys are rad

  3. Run far and fast from "theendorsement". He is lowering the quality of your products. If Robin isn't available, go it alone. It is really hard to take this guy seriously in his "wanna be" rapper outfit. I expect he will wear a grill on one of his upcoming guest appearances. Stick with what work. You and Robin. You two are the best.

  4. It’s a brioche bun, buttered and toasted. The pickles are a premium thick cut. It is a 100% all white meat filet of chicken breast. The batter and the breading are both unique and a new recipe from what we use for our signature bone in and boneless chicken. Our new spicy chicken sandwich sauce is to die for! Popeyes soon to be very famous chicken Sandwhich is going to be available for everyone mid August 2019, training for it with our staff has already started and let me tell you it’s going to be a beautiful thing! 😍 #popeyeschickensandwich

  5. I think weddings are over rated for sure! in a blink of an eye that money is gone! and whether you spend $2,000 or $20,000 at the end of the day the ourcome is the same…..husband and wife.

  6. First of all, Red Lobster has "biscuits", not rolls, so that is probably why you think they are overrated! LOL! It's a southern thing! Loved this video with you two!

  7. I went and got one from Popeyes after I watched the awesome review the Endorsement reviewed the original. I asked for mustard and they didn't have any mustard? I love mustard with my chicken, and pickles sandwich. I never got to eat it. I'm going to have to go back and try it. I am a big Chic Fil A fan. I got to where I go and just order two sandwiches and lemonade. It's a lot better than their fries. I love the colabs!! Great comments and review!! Thank you guys!! I was going to get the spicy till you said it's not in the chicken? Is it enough flavor for it to be a 97? I will have to just go out and see and let you know. I always love guessing what the Endorsement rates them!! He's got good taste, like mine. 😄 I would rather go to Sea World than Disney!! I agree also with you guys there. It's so pricey!!

  8. irated 82 because Popeye cook their chicken sandwich in soybean oil which is bad for your heart Chick-fil-A use peanut oil and pressure cook it which is good for your heart

  9. I agree with you Kathy I don't like all that breading that's why I like Chick-fil-A they don't have all that breading and you can even get it with no breading

  10. Chipotle = overrated . In and out =tasty but overrated . We have only had chuck fil a a few years here and I don’t get it .. but I’ve had it only about 3 times lol

  11. people are brainwashed with chick fil a because of their religious stance.Their food is not that good way too much sodium Popeyes is much better

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