Powerbeats Pro vs. Apple Airpods: How Much Better Are The Beats?

The Powerbeats Pro are Beats’ first true wireless earbuds and they leverage technology from Apple, including the H1 chip that’s found inside the AirPods 2. A larger design lets the Powerbeats Pro nearly doubles the battery life of the AirPods, plus it adds sweat and water-resistance. So how do Apple’s two sets of true wireless earbuds stack up against each other? Here’s the comparison of Apple’s AirPods and Beats’ Powerbeats Pro.

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27 thoughts on “Powerbeats Pro vs. Apple Airpods: How Much Better Are The Beats?

  1. Powerbeats pro, The battery life is not good, it never lasted me 9 hours. The 15 minutes of charge on only lasted me about 10 minutes. And I try to open it once and ended up dropping it on the floor and yes you do need at least two hands to open it, maybe 3, lol

  2. There has never been a great pair of Earbuds they all are mediocre B/T is a flawed technology with lots of flaws And Airpods are just UGLY. Apple drags there ass on everything they do and all other companies leap ahead real annoying.

  3. In Germany the wirelessly charging AirPods are 229€ and the Powerbeats Pro 249€ so the Powerbeats are way better and I ordered them myself
    It‘s crazy how much more you get when paying 20 bucks extra

  4. Powerbeats pro are so overrated. I have both AirPods & Powerbeats pro and to me honestly the AirPods has the clearer & better sound. Another thing to consider with the Powerbeatspro is Ear fatigue, After a couple of days using my beats it bothers the inside bone in my ear. Going to return them.

  5. Where are usb c ?
    Where are Wireless charge for pack ?
    Why it’s micro usb ?
    Why it’s not wireless charge for pack ?
    wireless charge only for AirPodpack ?

  6. I bought AirPods 2 and other than the diminished battery power on my iPods 1, even though I have Qi pads all over my house, I never wirelessly charge my APs. The only thing I use is “Hey Siri”, rarely and I regret the upgrade and wish I would have known that this was coming so soon. I’m preordered, but still have to wait until 6/12. Oh well. I’m an early adopter. Win some lose some.

  7. Nobody has mentioned actually talk time for these ….read two reviews and this video and all.i hear is the apple company line About listen time

  8. How do the pros compare the the older powerbeats 3? I had a pair of the 3’s and returned them because of the terrible sound quality.

  9. I love Powerbeats but they're so unreliable! After a few weeks of use, mine just suddenly stopped working for no reason. I bought and replaced it with another but this time the volume controls were the problem! They said that it's sweatproof but it's not!

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