PROTOTYPE 2 – All Bosses (With Cutscenes) HD

A gameplay video showing all of the bosses of Prototype 2 in 1080p60 with cutscenes. Enjoy!
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Boss 1: Brawler – 0:01
Boss 2: Hydra – 1:43
Boss 3: Juggernaut – 4:30
Boss 4: Super Solider Orion – 6:11
Boss 5: Dr. Koenig – 8:04
Boss 6: Roland – 12:21
Boss 7: Commander Gallagher – 15:07
Boss 8: Dr. Gutierrez – 18:18
Boss 9: Dr. Archer – 20:00
Boss 10: Goliath – 24:32
Boss 11: Evolved (Whip) – 30:11
Boss 12: Goliath (2) – 32:13
Final Boss: Alex Mercer – 34:02

Ending – 42:17

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50 thoughts on “PROTOTYPE 2 – All Bosses (With Cutscenes) HD

  1. I'm glad I'd had the opportunity to play this game before. its so awesome.. the voice acting and all.. they need to make a part 3 for this

  2. I see everyone getting mad about Alex being the villain in this game, but you guys gotta remember that in the first game at the end he announced he isn’t alex anymore. He’s the physical embodiment of the virus. Alex died and the virus took over his body. So it kinda makes sense that he’s the villain. A virus spreads and infects. That’s what it does. Mercer is human. All human, who got infected. So he has humanity in him to save the world.

  3. I feel bad for that soldier. 20:12 I mean all he wanted to do was help her.
    In memory of fallen blackwatch soldier 2012-2012

  4. Loved the seris, but it was let unfinished… They still have Pariah – Elizabeth Greene's son, and it is said that he was alike Alex, so maybe the little fella escapes the facility too and wants to make a plot for Prototype 3

  5. I miss my pc its broken my protype gta4 csgo Cs sources because the resident evil 5 gmod hl all my stuff some one can help me to fix I donate my pc other fix parts pls

  6. That's so cool that every time he defeats a boss, that guy got mutated weapons as for a reward. I love a man with monstrous, mutated arms. <33

  7. This is my most favorite game of this generation prototype because it has free roam and superpowers to kill everyone and their are military who's trying to stop you. I'm really obsessed with this game.

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