49 thoughts on “PROTOTYPE 2 Last missions Murder Your Maker: Let's kill Alex Mercer!

  1. I say heller is more strong because he went thru a lot .. discovering new powers and stuff so its his advantage

  2. its a game guys.if heller was used instead of mercer in prototype he also would have consumed the nuke..its not a bigger deal…mercer got killed. heller's a good guy.he saved the city

  3. Alex Mercer is so very strong for The Prototype (Ending), And Alex Mercer is not very strong for The prototype 2.

  4. Why did he did these tendrils at the end?
    1. To kill all of the infected?
    2. To clean the streets outta everything?
    3. To wipe out the whole city?

  5. Alex mercer is the virus, but it looks like because of Heller resilient DNA virus can't take full control of Heller, so virus will reside in him till it mutate to consume Heller.

  6. i didn't know theres a Prototype 2 But WHY THE HELL IS ALEX THE BAD GUY WHY I WANT HIM TO LIVE Btw HE IS THE VIRUS WHEN YOU KILL HIM YOU NOTICE HES ARM WAS CUT OFF LIKE LOOK THE Prototype 1 ALEX was dead Hes body wax Destroyed SO look Prototype 2 Hes still alive The blood on the body Alex was Dead On prototype 1 Look his still alive means at prototype 3 Hes still alive and you will be playing as a kid i think idk lets find out

  7. My only disappointment is they made boss fight easy and simple even in hard mode, elizabeth greene boss fight (prototype 1) is best among series. So its natural to expect a better boss fight than its previous title.

  8. the main reason why Alex became evil because he died of nuclear blast from the first game and then resurrected from his own biomass… if you read the comics titled THE ANCHOR you will see how Alex became bad

  9. Imagine if prototype 3 is ever made Alex Mercer is in James Hellers head and they have arguments while he's fighting

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