Rafael Nadal: ANGRY Moments

I’m sorry guys but I had to delete the Nadal vs Berdych argument with the umpire due to copyright. You can watch it here:

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Hey! Here are some angry outbursts we don’t usually see from Rafa! Like & Subscribe to the channel for more Tennis videos! Twitter:

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23 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal: ANGRY Moments

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTQNLz_f4kA&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR1vh8RN5GkM7-TktEsevGBMH7XHMEenB7oWAPBtGnDcgg60UOceK46TQic

  2. Nadal respects his wins and his huge points. However he can keep his opponents wait forever and when he breaks the rules he gives shots at umpires as their enemies. In critical situations, he stops opponent service and breaking his rhytm. By the way most umpires do not even handle this break-outs, this is not acceptable. I respect Nadal's talent, he is a legend and pure winner. But…

  3. only purpose of the media is to make someone shine and put forward so that thousands of us can watch and follow and run after. Open your eyes, don't be drawn by any attraction, look at yourself, and don't get in a trap with any sort of iconic person, such as Federer or Nadal or whoever famous sport players, or artists, or scientist. You matter! You can only yourself realize how you are drawn into such shows !!! Realize it and free your mind and your life!

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