Raspberry Pi 4 : first hands-on review!

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Raspberry Pi 4 just launched, and creative design company pi-top have had pre-release units for some time. So in this first hands-on review, gadget fan Jason Bradbury and pi-top VP of Technology Wil Bennett, put the Raspberry Pi 4 through it paces in a series of tests against the 3B+.

source: https://samurai-weapons.net

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22 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 4 : first hands-on review!

  1. It doesn't matter if the Pi 4 can open a 4K video faster, if it still can't play it back at decent fps. "Ooh, look at me, I'm flying!!!" "No, you're jumping up and down." "Yes, but while my feet are off the ground, I'm flying." Sorry, but it doesn't work that way. It's not important how fast it can do, something it really can't do.

  2. I've had the Pi 4 for two weeks now and I've have only been able to get either libreelec or raspian installed on it. Nothing else ever comes up on NOOBS. Also my Pi 4 doesn't seem to put out 4K and 4K youtube videos only seem to go up to 1080p. Really need some help guys. I'll be very grateful.

  3. "stepped down from 14nm to 28nm technology … " err, wrong way round. but apart from that sounds great. Pity about the pratt in the hat.

  4. I do wonder why they keep pushing power-hungry desktop PC features onto the PIs. Who asked for these?

    If they're attempting to capture the desktop PC market, at least make the pcb at standard ITX / M-ATX form factors with standard PC I/O and Panel headers as well. Having long cables or add-ons hanging off weak connectors is not good for sustained reliability.

  5. Why are so many people distracted by how he is dressed, he doesn’t have to fit in a box if thats how he chooses to dress good for him.

  6. I need a raspberry pie 4b+ based on cortex 78 and 16gb memory for $100 with regular hdmi not micro, 1 usb c and sata port.

  7. There's just something so annoying about seeing a full grown adult wearing a backwards cap… I don't know maybe I'm intolerant 🤔

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