reMarkable vs Apple Pencil writing test

Adam surprises Leif with the reMarkable tablet and asks him to do a quick writing test versus the Apple Pencil to see what he thinks of the ‘paper like’ experience.

Shot on a Canon C100 Mark 2:

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21 thoughts on “reMarkable vs Apple Pencil writing test

  1. I would appreciate more information of how it functions other than the pen to paper experience. How about info on going through folders / files about pages written. How do you scroll pages? How fast? Printing options – notes to printer? Etc……thanks.

  2. it's really expensive, but it's a luxury choice that helps waste less paper and distract you less from social media. If the screen technology is innovative I feel like it's worth it. If you buy an Apple product you also spend a large percentage on market innovation cost and the Apple brand. It really depends on how much value these unique upsides hold for you personally. If your grades go up because you can concentrate better and never have to spend money on paper notebooks again… you might want to get it.

  3. i've been checking on and off if the prices dropped for remarkable but at this point i lost all hope to buy it, i'd rather get an ipad pro that can multitask if i had the money.

  4. I was expecting a price tag of about $200, but when he said 3x that price…I was like whoah!!!!!! for a tablet with uni-function..I don't think so

  5. Mhm. It's a very niche device as it stands. I'd pay about $120 for it, but you can't make them at this price point, at least not anywhere near profitably enough to support a business. This pushes it further into a niche where they have to charge more, which is an unfortunate place to be in. From the business perspective, i can hardly call the price unjustified. From a user perspective, it's not nearly cheap enough for me to want to buy it.

  6. I would LOVE if you could have Leif give us his impression of the Ratta Supernote… It looks to be a good competitor, however, the stylus is very much like a real pen, you honestly wouldn't be able to tell it's not except for what it's writing on. It uses a different screen and I would like to know which one feels better. I'm trying to decide between the two devices and it would be so enlightening to get the opinion of Leif who is a "writing expert" and cares about the details about how small you can write and considers it from the perspective of someone who truly writes a lot.

  7. I’ve been using the reMarkable as a replacement for a notebook for near 4 months. And it works well for me because:

    1. I would ordinarily be going through many notebooks, where as this is multiple notebooks in one.
    2. It writes pretty well, without any noticeable lag
    3. Fresh tips do have a more resistant feel, but it’s never going to be like paper
    4. For my use, I don’t need to sync notes – so all local content is good
    5. I don’t need it to do anything else – my iPad does all the other stuff
    6. Battery can last up to 3 days for me. I lose about 30% a day as I use it on and off. I sleep it when not using – effectively closing a notebook – rather than let it go into light sleep. I power off at end of day, though it powers off after half a day anyway. Battery use for what it does is not bad. We charge everything else every day, anyway, I don’t understand why folks complain about that part.
    7. The display is super easy on the eye
    8. It’s nice and light

    I do think the price is higher than it could be, but for every recommendation buy, you get money back. If you were able to get around 6-8 people to buy, you’d have paid next to nothing. But… because of its niche-ness, it’s difficult to get others to literally buy into it.

    Fundamentally, it’s a good paperless notebook. It functions as I need it to. The O/S updates are getting better, but the advancement is slower than I’d like. Sync to cloud is limited at the moment. But, lots of feedback, and more improvements in the works.

  8. apart from price, this is amazing. it looks like a screen emitting zero light, hence it's very close to writing on paper. Do we have a name for these type of display?
    300$ is a good price to pay for this

  9. Either the user is lagging in his knowledge of a good app for the iPad Pro – or this was a PAID review – obviously. Goodnotes, Evernote and about 20 more – you won't have an issue with the lighting… Try watching YouTube reviews (ones that don't seem like Paid advertisements).

  10. $600 yeah rightttt….

    iPad Pro is $600 sale on amazon……

    Normal Price is $800….

    and iPad can do A N Y T H I N G because of iPadOS…

  11. remarkable is lagging like hell, you shouldn’t compare two devices which have nothing in common except the writing functionality

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