Review + Discount Code Sudio Tolv vs Sudio Niva True Wireless Earbuds

The all new Sudio Tolv – so much better than the Niva. It’s just better in every way possible, actually.

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22 thoughts on “Review + Discount Code Sudio Tolv vs Sudio Niva True Wireless Earbuds

  1. may i kno the difference between sudio tolv and sudio tolv r earbuds? which one is better? which one is launched the latest?

  2. Sudio Tolv increase the volume triple press right to increase the volume left to decrease the volume. Be careful and consider lowering the volume on your phone first

  3. please confirm if it's smart enough to auto pause the sound/song when you detach it from your ears coz im in dilemma between this vs jabra elite

  4. Awesome review! I was thinking about getting the Nivå but I think i might be getting the Tolv instead 🙂 But i would have to save up first 😅

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