30 thoughts on “[ RM Funny ] Idol team vs Running Man team nametag relay

  1. What I find amazing is that all the idols here ended being my biases and are still my bias, but Yonghwa is forever my ideal man and ultimate bias for sure! Wow! I miss second generation of idols! I wish there was more idol vs. members now that they are much older.

    I completely forgot Jihyo’s outburst on Myeok PD! 😭🤣 That caught me off guard!

  2. Lol.. I am sorry hyukkie, years ago i don't really like idol team in this eps since RM lost … Well I'm RM fans but now I am ELF .. I am sorry 😂😢😭

  3. I love how Jae Suk was worried Eun Hyuk would slip or something, he told him to be careful at the turn, really Jae Suk is the best.

  4. I miss this idol generation, when Suju, 2PM, BEAST, T-ara, CNBlue, 4 Minute, After school, MBLAQ,… were in their prime. They play a large part in my teenage years. I remember that I was so excited for this episode of Running Man, cos' at the time I thought RM members vs. idols was like a dream episode. Watching this now brings back so many memories.

  5. The girl idol ( i don’t know who the fuck she is) keeps yelling on other male idols as if she can run fast.. What the fuck girl are you running? seems like you’re walking😂😏

  6. This era of kpop tho😍
    I miss it so damn much… I miss seeing idols having fun and being carefree enjoying themselves!!! 😍😍😍

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