25 thoughts on “Rubik's Gan Speed Cube – Best Rubik's Brand Cube Ever

  1. Nice video, I completely agree that it would be amazing to see this in local stores.
    And thanks for the kind words.

  2. Just bought one from a seller on Amazon but does not have a tensioning tool. The seller told me to buy real GANS cube if I wanted the adjustment tool. You cannot adjust the tension with a screwdriver so you will be so out of luck. Trying to resolve this with GANs and the seller. Alternatively I just might buy a GANS cube anyways to get the tool and the complete set of GES springs; again of which this cube doesn't have any. This cube just seems to be missing all the pieces; i.e. no adjustment tool, no additional springs (comes with clear) and no bag.

  3. This is going to be the Petrus of actual cubes.
    Think about it, a good speedcube overall, but is a meme as it is a Rubik's brand.

  4. Is it the best durability Rubiks? Are there other brands (than Rubiks) more durable? I'm by no means am I a professional I hated the sticker version the stickers peel. I love the math and physics and the idea of the 3d puzzle aspect. That is why I prefer the 3×3 and never tried the bigger ones as they would just be a variation on the same kind of moves I would use to solve it. I don't need something more complicated to show the idea. I feel I sort of owe rubiks for it so I might want to stick with a rubiks brand. But I'd like recommendations.

  5. Been carrying mine on and off for about a year, and I still like it. I picked up some GAN V1 springs to play with tension this next couple weeks.

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