Rusty Cooley talks Buckethead, Yngwie, Shawn Lane & more (NatterNet Interview)

Rusty Cooley talks about Buckethead, Yngwie Malmsteen, Shawn Lane, Paul Gilbert, Jason Becker, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Randy Rhoads & many more.
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30 thoughts on “Rusty Cooley talks Buckethead, Yngwie, Shawn Lane & more (NatterNet Interview)

  1. 00:00:08 What led to you getting a guitar?

    00:00:22 First song you played on guitar?

    00:00:44 Randy Rhoads

    00:02:59 The Buckethead unmasked article

    00:03:34 Yngwie Malmsteen

    00:04:55 Is Yngwie as bad as people say?

    00:05:31 First time performing

    00:07:03 First band

    00:07:48 Paul Gilbert

    00:09:51 Playing 7 string

    00:10:42 Stevie T / Jared Dines

    00:11:33 Hardest technique to learn?

    00:13:58 Steve Vai

    00:15:16 Meeting famous A Holes

    00:16:51 Chops from Hell

    00:18:11 Family

    00:19:09 First Album

    00:20:47 Hardest song to play on the album?

    00:22:17 Health Issues

    00:26:39 Buckethead

    00:28:26 Yngwie Malmsteen

    00:29:01 Buckethead

    00:31:31 Shawn Lane

    00:32:59 Michael Angelo Batio

    00:34:43 Negativity

    00:37:34 John Petrucci

    00:39:03 Outworld

    00:39:43 Day of Reckoning

    00:40:08 Another solo album?

    00:40:56 If you could record with 1 person

    00:42:02 who’s on your Mount Rushmore?

    00:42:33 Jason Becker


  2. People complain about shredding do they?
    Did those idiots ever thought what guys like Eric Clapton we're trying to do? Become faster, heavier, and try to further push the boundaries of music.
    And now, they complain about these silly things. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Rusty is a really cool guy. He has online guitar lessons for $100/month which is a hell of a deal because he is a guitar god. Extremely underrated. And I also know his son personally. I knew him and hung out with multiple times before even told me. Cause Ione time, I was like, Hey Sebastian, you're last name sounds familiar. And he's like yeah my Dad is Rusty Cooley. I freaked out. But he knows he's my friend not because his Dad. He's my friend because we collab with EDM music.

  4. I feel sad that most of the musicians you interview don't mention songs from Pikes… It seems like they don't know Buckethead well nor follow his works.

  5. Do most of these guys even know of the Pikes. I was at a concert of Buckets and no one I talked to knew of them. His best songs are thru those 277 or so Pikes. The best stuff I’ve ever heard

  6. What a talent, when he said he never had to warm up it hit me hard because I do have to warm up a lot before felling comfortable. Always.

  7. Thanks for this, Rusty is one of my favourite dudes. I bought Outworld the moment I heard it. Still one of my biggest influences.

  8. Rusty is a great guy and and a world class shredder, once i invited him to a guitar compilation. I follow his work since early 2000

  9. Waddup brudda. I was wondering, do you know, as a musician what the heck is bucket doing now that he finished touring and is not releasing any music as far as I know? Wooh!

  10. Wow, it's Rusty and I hit all the same inspirational moments the same way. Smoke On The Water, to Sabbath to Ozzy and Rhoads to Malmsteen Hot on Your Heels.

  11. I can't believe players bash other players!

    I've been playing well over 20 years, and when I see somebody better than me, I compliment them and ask for advice.
    When I see somebody who can't play as good as me, I offer advice and help.
    Playing music shouldn't be about who is better, but how good it makes you feel. If they can feel as good as I do, mission accomplished.

  12. It's insane that I have so many things in common with Rusty, but never really listened to his material. I'll do that right now actually! Thank you for this great interview.
    I started playing guitar by listening to Randy and then Yngwie and Buckethead. But I'm not even the 1/10th of the player Rusty is.

  13. Rusty is the most technical and faster player ever I saw.
    That Shred Guitar Manifesto instructional in on another dimension. Thanks to Rusty I know players like Derek Taylor, Scott Stine, Brett Stine, Eddie Head, Lane, Holdsworth.

  14. If all of these others are accomplished guitarists and Buckethead produced more albums than all of them combined just in 2015, what would that make Buckethead ?

  15. If Buckethead's not on his Mount Rushmore, dispatch EMT Slunks his way immediately , cause this guy fell on his head, great vid, Woo !

  16. Jump Man is the first song on my elliptical workout playlist !!! I don't understand the jealousy thing either. We should all lift each other up. We are all connected. We all need each other. And with all of this talent, do they think they are so much better that they can bash them? Why be negative? I'll never understand it. I love these videos, friend! Keep up the amazing work. This is kind of like recording history with all of these stories! Love it!

  17. I really connect with what he said about the inspiration/ like I can play Buckethead songs but I get more enjoyment out of adding/jamming/remixing to his music rather than copying it outright.

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