Serious Sam 2 – Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)

This longplay of Serious Sam 2 includes the full campaign and all the boss fights and cutscenes in this full playthrough and is recorded in HD on the PC.

It’s recorded without commentary so you can focus on the game itself.

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About The Game
● Name: Serious Sam 2
● Played On: PC
● Developer: Croteam
● Publisher: 2K Games
● Platforms: Various
● Genre: First-person shooter
● Mode: Single-player, multiplayer
● Release: 11 October 2005

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23 thoughts on “Serious Sam 2 – Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)

  1. Jesus! You can actually see were all the budget went. While the gunplay and the enemies look fun, the “animated” cutscenes look incomplete and sometimes broken. I can see why Croteam wants to rebuild the game from scratch for it’s HD release.

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