Serious Sam 2 Part 35 Kronor Hugo

Serious Sam II Walk-through and Guide Normal difficulty
Episode 6: Planet Kronor
Level 35: Hugo Boss
Game screenshots:

With the medallion completed, Sam meets with the Sirians again, who tell him that he must go to Kronor, a moon orbiting Sirius, and disable the shield around Sirius by firing a huge cannon that’s on Kronor at the shield in order to disable it long enough for anti-Mental forces to enter Sirius. Sam is then sent to Kronor, where he invades a huge base that Mental has, frees prisoners from the previous planets he visited and takes over a an airfield for anti-Mental forces to launch their fighters from.

Sam then travels to the cold part of Kronor, which houses the cannon that can pierce the shield. Because Sam forgot to wear warm clothes, he uses various heat generators in order to warm himself up while fighting before he dies of hypothermia. His first destination in the cold part of Kronor is a tower, which has explosives for breaching the cannon that was dropped by anti-Mental forces. After grabbing the explosives, Sam travels to the cannon. When he gets close to the Shield Generator, he found a a Boss in a Box, which contained Hugo. When Hugo came out of the box and starting attacking, Sam was forces to retreat because his weapons did not affect Hugo. After some running, Sam encountered a helicopter landing pad with a helicopter on it. Sam boarded the helicopter and used its rockets to kill Hugo and proceed to the cannon.


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