Serious Sam 2 (PC) [HD] – Stage 1 – Part 1/3

Serious Sam is an fps from “back in the day” where there was no regenerating health and shooters followed a balls to the wall mentality instead of a scripted waste of time listening to rants of your squad mates. You are Sam, Serious Sam and you don’t need no stinkin’ squad mates.

The first installment was a surprise hit by a previously unknown Croation developer studio named CroTeam. It delivered fast paced action with an impressive amount of enemies for a budget price on the PC. Serious Sam First and Second Encounter were really under my radar back then. I only noticed this game when the sequel came out – which is this game.

What’s the game about? The Sirian Council wants you to stop Mental, the evil guy who’s forces are spreading over the galaxy. For this you need a medallion which is broken into five parts – one per stage. These stags are huge! There is almost no AI. Enemies just swarm you and let me tell you, there are shitloads of them. If you play on higher difficulty you have a lowered maximum of ammo. On “Serious” I often run out of ammo. Maybe I just suck, but this is a pretty hard game.

The game doesn’t take itself serious at all. It makes fun of various clichés and there are plenty of easter eggs to find. The sequel often takes flak for its graphics. People complain that CroTeam just wanted to show off HDR and other effects and therefore made it look more cartoonish also with the more fantasy related worlds compared to ancient Egypt and a more realistic looking artwork of the first game and the expansion.

Whatever you prefer for graphics, the gameplay is fast paced and fun. The enemies are just absurd and it’s a breeze of fresh air through the pit of mediocrity that is inhabited by a thousand war shooters. If you ever thought “dude, I want health packs and no limit to carrying weapons” then Serious Sam will be for you. And guess what, Serious Sam 3: BFE is coming out right now! That’s why I wanted to do this recording.

Serious Sam First and Second Encounter are available as a digital download. They also exist as “HD” versions with remastered graphics for both PC via Steam and the 360. Serious Sam 2 was also released on Steam in January 2012.

If you would like to see a game played through on this channel, just let me know with a comment or a pn.


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  1. Lol, the video descriptions makes notorius how butthurt you are with pubg, are u a baddie without friends for squad match? LOL XD

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