Serious Sam: Next Encounter – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P

Serious Sam: Next Encounter – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P

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Serious Sam: Next Encounter PS2 –

Enhanced graphics with emulator PCSX 2.For recording I used a bandicam software.
-some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

PC specs:
– CPU Intel Core i5 760
– RAM 8 GB
– GPU Gefoce GTX 560
– Windows 7 (64 bit)

PCSX2 1.0 specs:
– try yourself

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40 thoughts on “Serious Sam: Next Encounter – Gameplay PS2 HD 720P

  1. Why not play it on Dolphin instead? PCSX2 is a shit emulator because PS2 is hard to emulate compared to other consoles.

  2. My CHILDHOOD, YEEEEEEES SO MUCH NOSTALGIA, i was looking to buy a ps2 just to play this, and many other great games

  3. I know this video is quite old but today I finished this game on my PS2 and on my tv it looked significantly worse then here so I would like to know if someone knows why. My PS2 is connected to my 4k LG OLED tv with component cable.

  4. This was my first memory of Serious Sam. I remember seeing this around '06, set up at a center where my older bro used to play paintball. And now I'm setting my sights on getting it.

  5. How do you jump in this game again because I'm trying to figure that out right now and for some reason my guy can't jump at all

  6. I would like to have this on ps2, but what I'm worried is do I need a network to play online or I can still play offline for story mode? I'm not so sure.

  7. Omg childhood games, i miss this game so muchh 😭😭 i would literally pay 60$ if it was available on steam. I wish i still have my ps2

  8. The guy playing this sucks.  He is in too much of a hurry and he gets hit way too much.  When I play Serious Sam, I rarely ever get hit.  My health and armour usually stays at 90% or above.  Serious Sam First and Second Encounter are a lot better, but, Serious Sam Next Encounter is a must have, because it continues the story until Serious Sam II.

  9. Look good, sounds good, but playing it with analog thumbsticks sucks. Honestly, after playing FPS games with a mouse, trying to aim with an analog thumbstick is just horrible.

  10. I play Serious Sam TFE demo when i was like 7 yers old, and i complete the game when i was like 9 years old.
    My fucking fav videogame.

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