4 thoughts on “Servant (Apple TV+) Review

  1. Since I have Apple TV because of “See”, which I find far above average, I might give this show ten minutes of my time to see if I like it. But, I think they’ve already lost me. If they have that townhouse, then the main couple is rich. So, the husband wouldn’t go along with the doll charade; he’d get his wife professional help. Now, a couple that was going through this where they were too poor to afford medical care would be a lot more interesting and also a timely social commentary on the healthcare situation in this country. It would also cast more suspicion on the nanny. A lot of people might be willing to play nursemaid to a doll for a healthy salary. Hey, you don’t even have to change any real diapers! But, for her to do it for low pay would raise an eyebrow.

  2. "I don't like giving spoilers in my reviews"
    In the next 15 seconds, you reveal that the movie's premise was a big distraction to the actual plot.

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