Calvin Eric Rick Shane and Aaron play SKULL for Game Night!

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46 thoughts on “SKULL – GAMENIGHT!!

  1. You guys are so funny, i enjoy everything second watching you play. I would play with all of you. Thanks guys 🤪

  2. I didn't realize you guys did board games etc too! Just came here from a skull review, bought the game just now. This vids great XD betting 5 and all the first ones were flowers ^^

  3. I think everyone should just place their first disc together. Otherwise you're waiting for everyone before you when it makes absolutely no difference since you can't bid anyway.

  4. I love this game. On occasions, if I get to pick my own card to trash then it's the skull. People get so mindfucked about it lol.

  5. When coming down to 2 players. What a mess. Feel sorry for Shane. He didn’t know what you guys ment. Bless him. Good vid

  6. Everyone saying Shane looks confused, but if you watch the Tabletop episodes, Shane becomes the best player.
    Shane is calm,
    Shane is chill,
    he sits back, absorbs it all, then comes in like a boss.

  7. never thought I'd find it so entertaining watching grown men I don't know play a board game, but this was so entertaining just seeing them be friends.

  8. Every time Calvin flashed his cards to the camera I wondered if they had a monitor up and the players could see what he was playing.

  9. Man, that looks like a fun game to play!! It sucks that my buddies just wanna play Texas Hold'em all the goddamn time!!

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