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  1. According to my rules. The challenger is always the next start player. No matter if the challenge is successful or not. Only if he is eliminated on losing the challenge, the player whose skull was revealed is the next rounds start player. Are there different rule verions or did i get the video wrong?
    Thanks for recommending this nice game!

  2. Great vid matt as always. Missed you guys at the UKGE 2019. You were busy elsewhere whilst a volunteer held fort. Hopefully see you next year 🙂

  3. Can you skip back and forth between players when flipping cards after flipping your own. For instance, you flip the top card of player 3, then the top card of player 4. Can you go back and flop the next card of player 3? Or is it once you are done with them you cant go back?

  4. I enjoyed this explanation!. Just one question. So, basically you can depletes the other stacks without touch your own stack right?

  5. I actually got to play this today! I grabbed 9 extra coasters (beer mats) and had an artistic friend draw skulls on three of them and we had a nice little 3 player game.

    Tons of fun, can play drunk, can play for free, thanks for this video

  6. I've added one house rule that makes the game go faster, but doesn't actually change anything: the ante.

    I tell everyone to ante in first (this is identical to playing their first turn, but it's done simultaneously), and then whoever's turn it is has the option to raise or call.

    So it speeds things up, and adds one more piece of poker flavor.

  7. That idea about live bidding rather than going around for raises is fantastic, I'll definitely be trying that next time.

  8. This seems interesting but it is striking me as a controlled version of Liar's Dice. Anyone who has played this can you comment on what this brings to the table over Liar's Dice?

  9. Weird, we always played it that the player that did the flipping of cards, (regardless of if they flipped all roses or flipped a skull,) starts the next round as a reward for their bravery! Celebrating that bravery really helped new players not feel so bad when their first time flipping another players cards reveals a skull.
    When they look dejected we just raise a glass and cheer them for getting into it… like you damn well should! 😀

  10. If you've got to flip all of your own cards over when bidding and you've got a skull in there isn't that just an instant loss?

  11. Awesome. Thanks for clarifying the one point in the rules I wanted to be clearer – the reveal of multiple cards on the stack.

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