Skull Review

Welcome to JonGetsGames! Here is my Skull board game review.
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Positive Review Points 4:33
Neutral Review Points 6:38
Negative Review Points 9:05
Replayability 9:22
Player Count 10:37
Conclusion: 11:42

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13 thoughts on “Skull Review

  1. Silly question, but what is that table cover your playing on? I like it. Also, great video. I think I have to add this one to the library.

  2. I guess I don't like bluffing games in general. I just played this recently (I won) and didn't find it anything special. It's just guessing and people generally challenged before everyone laid down two coasters. There's light deduction and that's pretty much it. Oh, we missed one rule, that you have to flip over all of yours before any others. I can see that that adds another element to the bluffing. But I don't remember winning any challenges without flipping over my own. And I lost my skull early on anyway.

  3. I think the response to your neutral #2 is a matter of player count and bidding procedure. Playing with more players could offset the low bid tendency. Luckily, you can create more player components fairly easy with beer coasters or playing cards or whatever. Also, if you open bid instead of in turn order, you put more tension on that bid portion.

  4. Can't you implement a rule where you can't challenge unless at least two coasters are placed for each player?.

  5. Great review. And a great game, in my opinion, too, I just bought it and played it a lot right away.

    One thing, though, is that the coasters and cards very quickly become visibly worn in the print, which is unfortunate for a bluffing game.
    On one of my colors it is very easy to identify the skull on the backside, because there's a worn spot.
    And as these cards are thrown, slapped and dragged on the table (all in good fun), you can almost spot the diference from session to session. That's too bad. I would suspect I would have to go out and get a new copy at some point in the near future. For the game itself is brilliant!

  6. FYI – this game plays surprisingly differently with just 3 players. It's brutal – like a knife fight in a phone booth. Very back-stabby and a bit mean feelings.

    Also, you certainly can play it with more than 6 players. Just combine 2 sets. There is no reason why different players can't have the same color "cards"

  7. Jon, I have a weird question. I write for MeepleTown but have started vlogging some. What's your secret for taking breaths while talking so much? You hardly miss a beat and don't make a ton of noise. I can't even tell when you're stopping to breathe half the time.

  8. Replayability huge for me. I've played this dozens of time over the last "no idea how many" years. Great game, nice and quick, fun, but good. Works ok ish with 3, but better with more.

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