34 thoughts on “Skull – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

  1. This is still one of my favorite reviews you've done, saw it back on Vimeo years ago. It got me to hunt down the specific version you have in the video, which was bloody hard. So before I could find that, I forced my family to draw their own skull on the back of some mostly blank beer mats. Still have them, great memories.

  2. i am to lazy to freeze it in a ball. I freeze it rolled out. When I need it I put all the toppings on an into the oven frozen. 🙂

  3. Listen, this sounds bad but it isn't. In fact this is the best idea you will ever hear, you just don't know it yet. OK, you ready? Here it is.

    Put peanutbutter on the dough before you put on the tomato sauce. Then put cheese and pineapple.

    This will be the best pizza you have ever had. Trust me. Try it.

    And there you have it. Make sure to hit like and subscribe for more amazing ideas and thank you for reading.

  4. Sorry, but my pedant alert mental buzzer sounded every time Matt said "Skulls and Roses". I checked my copy and I was right. "Skull and Roses". 1 Skull. 3 Roses. Also, SKULLS would have created asymmetry on the tattooed skeletal knuckles, which (I've only just noticed) illustrates hands with five fingers and a thumb.

  5. The first time i played this, my brother brought a bunch of blank bar coasters and a sharpie, and he told us to draw our own "skulls" on one of them. I drew the shittiest drawing of a skeleton with a top hat that I dubbed "Señor Spooks." I would put him down in front of me every single goddamn time, and grind out coasters from my family. I can't even remember who won, and it doesn't really matter as we were all rolling every time someone revealed Señor Spooks. It was a great time.

  6. When I first heard about Skull, much like Matt, I didn't really see where the game was but I watched this, trusted SU&SD and bought the game for this years annual Geekend and it was a stand-out game. It is so simple. Yet we played game after game of it because it is just you against your friends, trying to trick and fool them , to outwit them. There are no lucky dice rolls, no 'one of kind' awesome moves or cards, just a bit of clever play and dash of cunning. Brilliant fun and I'd recommend it.
    I love pizza too….. although pineapple, really????

  7. Damn. That hair, that nose, that sweet jacket… I think I'm in love <3. Actually, you, Paul, and Quinns are all cute. Fuckers. Cute, British fuckers. How dare you.

    Anyway, this doesn't seem like my kind of game. See? I can stay on topic.

  8. I like the art of "Skull" better than "Skulls and Roses". I find it easier to pull people into playing with prettier components.

  9. Came for the review, liked for the pizza recipe. Also, if you work the dough in a machine, just leave it on with the hook for like 15 minutes. The dough gets really stringy, but it becomes incredibly delicious once baked in the oven. Reply if you tried it.

  10. I'd recommend the recipe "Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough" to anyone looking to make homemade pizza. I don't know who mitch is, but if you google that phrase you'll get a lot of hits for it.

  11. The box really does add something to the game. You'll be surprised how much more buy-in you can get for a game just because it looks pretty. I tried it with playing cards, and it was so much harder to get people interested.

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