Sleep tracking is coming to Apple Watch. Will you use it?

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45 thoughts on “Sleep tracking is coming to Apple Watch. Will you use it?

  1. What do you guys and gals think about Apple Watch sleep tracking? Would you be willing to wear your Apple Watch while sleeping? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.

  2. Im about to upgrade to the series five from the Fitbit Versa, which last 5 days and has a great sleep app. Im switching because I am unable to reply to messages. I sleep with it every night and charge it usually while I wash my hair. Once you are used to sleeping with it im sure you wont notice! Looking forward to trying all the features.

  3. Brah, if your watch doesn't bother your during the day, how in the next lifetime do you feel it at night? The only time I take my watch off is when the band breaks…

  4. As long as it still works with Bluetooth and wifi off I think I would wear it. Get the stretchy Velcro band. It’s super comfortable. I doubt you will notice it.

  5. I agree with wearing a watch while sleeping i don’t really like it. So i looked into sleep trackers and found the oura ring. Its great i love it

  6. I already do sleep tracking with my apple watch and an app called SleepMatic, so I got used to wearing my watch while I sleep pretty quickly. I also own two apple watches so once one needs to be charged, I just switch to the next so it is always tracking my workouts or sleep.

  7. AutowSleep Schlaftracker
    Already does a very good job at sleep tracking. You will wonder how accurate it is. Hopefully the ringer gets an update to not wake on official holidays. Every home made ringer can do that „very smart task“ .. hopefully apple turns back to where it comes from

  8. I've been wearing my Apple watch to bed for the last month. It isn't too big of a deal. I usually charge it when I get home from work so it will be ready for bed and then charge it for about an hour before work and haven't noticed any issues keeping a long enough charge. I am using the Apple watch 3.

  9. Do most people who shares a bed with their significant other really sleep with their watches in bed ?? Never mind scratching each other or charging. I bet most married couples take off their rings and watches when the go to bed? Or am I totally wrong ..

  10. I’m concerned about trusting Apple w that data. Also, I do want more accurate monitoring but think maybe a more detailed device might be necessary. Another health concern could be the excessive exposure to microwaves. The safety ratings are based on specific amounts of exposure; I presume that is not going to be 24-7-365…,

  11. I wouldn’t risk damaging mine while sleeping, when do I charge my watch, and I’d rather not be wearing any device, it’s hard enough for me to get to sleep.

  12. I currently use Sleep Cycle on a charging iPhone next to bed. Wearing AW during the sleep and it works neat for me. Have both my HB and sleep quality, snoring info.

  13. Seem’s crazy, but when i woke up i know if i past a good or bad night … really and if my watch say i past a good night if i’m completly tired i will do not believe my watch !

  14. – I sleep with my Series 3 on every night and use my Erie’s 4 during the day. I use the app AutoSleep to track my sleep. I’ve never have had an issue sleeping with a watch.

  15. I have the 44mm and sleep with it using AutoSleep. Then charge while I shower. I save power by putting my watch into Theatre mode when heading to bed else movement at night will wake the screen and that can be rather bright.

  16. I currently sleep with my Apple Watch and use a third party app (Autosleep) now. I have already adjusted my charging habits. It will be nice to have the tracking done natively in the watch itself, perhaps the addition of another “ring” indicating sleep. Keep up the great work.

  17. I charge mine while eating dinner. It's an 45 mins or so. I sleep with mine and use Autosleep to track. Amazing insight to sleep habits and it doesn't take much to get use to. Just be sure to put you watch into theatre mode before going to sleep to keep your partner happy…

  18. Before smart watches, people wore their watches for years without taking them off, except few min for battery replacement, so I don’t believe it should be an issue to wear a watch while sleeping!

  19. I wear mine while I sleep. I charge it in my downtime hour, right before bed. I even have a stainless leatherman tread as a watch band. At first I planned on switching over to my softer band at bedtime but that happened twice I think. Doesn’t bother me at all to sleep with it. Battery life is pretty great. I can even forget to charge it and easily make it till I get home from work on the 2nd day.

  20. I personally am not excited by this. I already use AutoSleep app and I’m happy with it. I charge my watch while I get ready for bed and it charges really fast. Also, I’ve skipped charging before and it lasts all day. I guess sleep app doesn’t use up much battery.

  21. I personally am not excited by this. I already use AutoSleep app and I’m happy with it. I charge my watch while I get ready for bed and it charges really fast. Also, I’ve skipped charging before and it lasts all day. I guess sleep app doesn’t use up much battery.

  22. I wear mine when I sleep and I charge it when I have a shower and have breakfast. I currently use a 3rd party app to track it but will most probably happily swap to a native app.

  23. Sleep tracking and gathering data but what are you going to do with the data to sleep better? I guess if you snore you could go to the doctor and get one of those machines. Bit other than that I sleep well sometimes and sometimes not.

  24. The biggest concern I have with this feature is damaging my watch while sleeping, so it's a no for me. Keep up the great work Jeff!

  25. Back in the day I had the Jawbone Up that did REM sleep monitoring. I thought it was cool at the time and it always woke me up at the right time so I wouldn’t feel groggy. I wouldn’t want this on my Apple Watch because of how uncomfortable it is to wear to sleep and also if I don’t leave it on the charger at night when am I suppose to charge this thing??

  26. I have no problem with the charging…I would wear watch to bed for sure….charge late night and early in morning for me…hope it works for watch 4….

  27. Always like your videos. Always well done but this time I am distracted by whatever that mx is playing in the background. Either turn it off of turn it up thanx.

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