Some of the BEST control oriented and durable tennis Strings (nat gut, multis & poly) — VLOG #648

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➤Babolat Tonic+ Natural Gut 15L String:

➤Tecnifibre X-One Biphase 15L String:

➤Wilson Sensation 15 String:

➤Prince Synthetic Gut 15L Duraflex String:

➤Babolat RPM Blast 15L String:

➤Volkl Cyclone 15L String:

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16 thoughts on “Some of the BEST control oriented and durable tennis Strings (nat gut, multis & poly) — VLOG #648

  1. I like the diadem teal color star shaped poly in 18g. But after 2 hours the tension and playability decreased dramatically. Sounds different. Any similar string but hold tension and playability better?

  2. Hi TW, which string would you recommend for Artengo TR530 Lite 16×19 racquet? I currently have Wilson sensation strung at 54lbs and I feel lack of both control & power. Thank you.

  3. If I used to string my multifilaments strings 1.30mm gauge at 24kg (such as X-One Biphase, Duramix or NXT Control) what tension should I choose for the Tonic+ 1.35 natural gut please?

  4. Hi tennis warehouse, i bought nike zoom cages from your store a few months ago, and was wondering if I am able to use the nike warranty that came with the shoes I got or if you guys bought shoes from nike and stockpiled them for a while making the warranty null and void. (i know this doesn't belong here, but i dont know where else to put it. Sorry)

  5. I dont understand how you guys dont have 100K+ subs… Best tennis store in the world. Where exactly in California are you guys based? Also is Brittany from Boston? She was wearing a Red Sox hat in a couple videos. Thanks!

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