47 thoughts on “Song Ji Hyo & Lee Kwang Soo – Kwang Mong Couple (2)

  1. Kwang soo still cares his noona.But if doesn't shows on TV bcz the new pd cut it off bcz they tried to focus much on Somin.Everyone treats Jihyo like the past,as their precious princess,but because of the pd's idea,they hv to flw the new pd's intentions which makes that everyone focusing on Somin more than Jihyo.Mostly Jihyo's parts were edited out because the pd wants to focus more on Somin.Kwangmong and every other male members still treats Jihyo very well, but it is just that the pd who had edited out.

  2. ☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁
    I feel so sad

  3. I believe that kwang soo did had fall in love with her but then they are in rm show working with each other.
    He never stop caring and loving her and created a great friendship like brother and sisiter💞

  4. Don't bash me.. But after somin join rm, jihyo looks being ignore by rm producer and it makes me sad.. Bcs of that, i stopped watch it..

  5. I miss their sibling relationship so much… back in the good old days when Kwansoo always used to be the first to run to his Jihyo noona whenever she's in trouble on screen or off screen. Kwangsoo was Jihyo's favourite little boy ;-; … and even if she was mean to him on screen, off screen Kwangsoo was always her closest friend in the RM cast (watch the jihyo member's week special ep.). Things have changed so much lately. Jihyo looks so tired in the nowadays and she almost seems to be pulling back, hiding within herself, and speaking less and less. Kwangsoo doesn't seem to pay the same amount of attention to his noona anymore, perhaps he's just growing up… I miss them so much.

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