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첫 날, 맨해튼 브릿지를 건너 브루클린 숙소로 왔어요. 에어비앤비 숙소는 처음이었는데 상당히 만족스러웠어요. 비행기 티켓과 숙소 고민을 많이했었기에 기대보다 좋아 다행이었어요. 너무 피곤했던 나머지 잠이 들었고 다음 날 이른 새벽에 일어나 뉴욕 구경을 나서요. 브루클린을 먼저 둘러 보려했던 계획은 흐린 날씨로 변경을 했어요. 그래서 차이나타운, 리틀 이태리, 소호로 이어지는 곳으로 갔답니다. 여행 브이로그이지만, 구독자님들과 시청하는 분들께 도움이 되길 바라며 제가 뉴욕을 다니며 알게 되었던 정보들도 영상에 종종 넣고 있어요. 이번 영상엔 24시간 운행하는 뉴욕 지하철과 맨해튼 브릿지에 대한 정보를 넣었어요. 재미있게 봐 주세요😊감사합니다!

On the first day, I crossed Manhattan Bridge and went to Brookly.It was my first time at an Airbnb Hostel and I was quite satisfied. I had a lot of worries about accommodations. But I was glad it was better than I expected. I was so tired that I fell asleep and woke up early the next morning.The plan I was going to look at Brooklyn first. But plan was changed becauaw cloudy weather. So we went to Chinatown, Little Italy and Soho. I make traveling Vlog, but I hope to help those who are watching with my subscribers, and I often include the information about New York City into the video. This video contains information about the New York subway and the Manhattan Bridge, which operate 24 hours a day. Have fun.😊💕Thanks for watching!

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