Thailand’s Craziest Dusty MTB Trail | Mountain Biking In Chiang Mai

First Official ride on Thai dirt with the bru’s & Bru’ette .

Today we venture out to the old Golden Triangle Trails with my new friends from Taiwan & Hong Kong as well as the old ones.

Now reformed and flourishing these farms bring new value to the community, country and mountain bikers alike. Just to think that 20 years ago we would probably be shot for riding our bikes through these fields is quite eye opening and brings a sense of gratitude. I think that is why I love this place so much. We both have a very related dark past but over time we have both changed for the better.

The upper trails were super dry and dusty which gave them this element of blind riding & danger, it was pretty wild but also really fun.

Trailforks Location:

Enjoy the video

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