The AirPods Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

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The Jabra Elite 65t (Jabra Elite 65t Active) offer an alternative to the Apple AirPods 2, Powerbeats Pro and other fully wireless earbuds.The Elite 65t is available in a number of colors and offers various ear tips for a more custom fit. Price wise the Jabra Elite 65t sits close to Apple’s AirPods but it’s significantly less expensive than the newly released Beats Powerbeats Pro.

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46 thoughts on “The AirPods Alternative You’ve Been Waiting For

  1. It's a shame that you didn't mention the hissing/buzzing in the left earbud that so many people seem to have problems with. I recently received the active version and unfortunately found about it the moment I tried them. For that particular price, it's quite unacceptable to hear the hissing every time you go above 70% of the volume. The sound is amazing but that hissing is something I – as well as many others – simply cannot get over.

  2. I personally don’t like how AirPods or apple headphones fit in my ear. I’d rather have the one of that fit comfortably in my ear canal.

  3. I have AirPods and the 65ts. Like Lew said it's all a convenience thing. AirPods for home use. 65ts for work with client calling (better mic and way longer talk time).

  4. Well…. Jabra is known for call quality because their corporate call center headphones are one of the best and they were one of the pioneer companies who started with bluetooth call headsets.

  5. I wish the power beats pro did the same thing with the case color matching the headphones so that navy could have a navy case instead of all of them being black

  6. Thank you for making such awesome and fun videos. You always help me select my tech . An I even love yo watch them when I’m bored. Keep up the good work

  7. Lol! How he was whispering so quickly that the sound quality of this jabra was better than the AirPods… He's definitely pro apple!

  8. Im thinking of buying or a jabra elite 65t, jabra elite active 65t or marley liberate air.
    Help? People who has some of these pairs

  9. What other earphones use this ‘hear through technology’? I want to use these on my motorbike and have all sound cancelled on the motorway but then when I get into town turn on hear through. Only problem I’m worried about is as they’re truly wireless every time I take my helmet off they will fall out and onto the floor. Is there a non truly wireless version? Any other models you can think of? Any help is appreciated! 👊🏼

  10. They should put Shazam, so when you hear a good song in the gym, restorant etc you can track the song from the microphone and it automaticaly plays it for you.

  11. Just bought these yesterday! Wasn't too big of a fan on the design but with so many positive reviews I thought I'd give them a shot. Honestly a little disappointed. They're somewhat uncomfortable to wear for me, and although they do feel secure, they often start to slip out of the ear canal with certain movements and which greatly affects the sound quality. Utilizing the buttons is a bit of a nuisance as well because it adds to the discomfort of wearing them. The call quality is great, but the hearthrough feature is just ok. As far as sound quality, it's just average and a bit underwhelming for a headphone of this price range, thought it does get plenty loud. Also without a good seal, the bass drops out significantly. Regardless don't expect to be satisfied even with a good seal & adjusted eq settings if you like bassheavy music. For all these reasons I'll be returning them, and trying out the Jaybird Vista's or Galaxy buds.

  12. Hey Lew next time you compare Bluetooth Headphones you can use the dual audio feature on Samsung and tell us which one sounds better

  13. What is the best in ear headphones for calls? I have the Jabra 65T active and they are awful for calls. They pick up so much noise that is around me when I am on a call. I need headphones that will cut out the ambient noise so people can't tell that I am in an airport or outside

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