The Amazing Spider-Man Web of Fire Game Review – Sega 32X – Treasure Chest – G to The Next Level

G’s Spider-sense is tingling! Time for a new Treasure Chest Review and in today’s episode, we’re gonna take a look at the final game released in North America for the Sega Genesis 32X, The Amazing Spider-Man Web of Fire! It’s a rare and pricey one, so how good is it and is it worthy of your time? Let’s sling those webs and find out.
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“Spider-Man” (Spider-Man & The X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge – SNES) – Tim Follin
“Credits” (Spider-Man Web of Fire – 32X) – Sam Powell, Brian Schmidt
“City” (Spider-Man Web of Fire – 32X) – Sam Powell, Brian Schmidt
“George Washington Bridge” (Spider-Man Web of Fire – 32X) – Sam Powell, Brian Schmidt
“Oil Refinery” (Spider-Man Web of Fire – 32X) – Sam Powell, Brian Schmidt
“Hydra Underwater Fortress” (Spider-Man Web of Fire – 32X) – Sam Powell, Brian Schmidt
“Story Interlude” (Spider-Man & The X-Men: Arcade’s Revenge – SNES) – Tim Follin
“Spider-Man Theme” (Marvel’s Spider-Man – Genesis) – Joe Perry / Shuki Levy / Fletcher Beasley
“The Treasure Chest -Episode 2- The Amazing Spider-Man Web of Fire (Sega Genesis 32X)”
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22 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man Web of Fire Game Review – Sega 32X – Treasure Chest – G to The Next Level

  1. How many games are there on the 32X? I never did own one but there were a few titles on it that I liked the look of.

    By the way great review.

  2. I thought I was aware of all the Spider-Man games, somehow I missed this one.

    "Flawed but interesting" feels like an apt description for this game.

    Also, I feel incredibly jealous of your production quality and editing. I can really tell you put a lot of effort into your content.

  3. Great video. I agree, I wish they ported their arcade game home as well. Lol it's never good to be compared to a Bubsy gsme

  4. Great review! I've always been intrigued by this game–there just seems to be so much potential but it certainly comes across as they didn't take full advantage of that. I remember how much fun the PS1 game was–it felt like one of the times a superhero game had really been done justice.

  5. Great video my friend it does look like a good game there are so many ways that it could have been improved better movement animation, original death sounds for the enemies and better boss fights the Ps1 game is still my favourite Spiderman game I've played awesome job as always buddy 😎👌

  6. Great job on the video, G!! This game definitely sounds like a missed opportunity. Bringing in Hydra as the villain seems kinda cheap, seeing as that's always been more of a Captain America villain, plus having Daredevil in that briefly is infuriating. Daredevil could've made a great player 2 character for the game and could've been a good selling point if they did it!

  7. I quite enjoyed this game, enough to beat it. I think you essentially nailed this review too. For me, I really enjoyed the obscure cast of villains, especially considering we already saw just about everyone you might think of over the course of the other Spider-man games on the Trifecta. Really a nice job here G, I really enjoy this series.

  8. Great job on this one man, I couldn't agree more about the squandered potential of the 32X and this game. A little more polish and this game would have been pretty damn fun.

  9. Never played, but man do I regret not getting it CIB for about $200 years ago when I was looking into trying for a complete 32x collection. Also good choice on using the Arcade’s Revenge music in the beginning

  10. This makes me wanna own Spider-Man vs The Kingpin on the Sega CD, i love the music on that game.

    But i didn't know about this game when i was growing up in 96. Great video by the way.

  11. Thanks for covering this. I always wondered about it. Huge Spider-Man fan but doubt I’ll ever physically own this game unless I miraculously find it cheap in the wild lol

  12. Great video G it’s a shame that the 32x had a short life this game could have been so much better the Sega 32x console could have done so much better but it was never given a chance to show its potential sadly

  13. Great video man the graphics are the best part of this game. Reminds me alot of Batman Forever graphics were great but my god was the gameplay and controls shit

  14. Great Video! It’s a shame the 32X was discontinued because this game would’ve been a lot more polished. Also we would’ve gotten virtual hamster & that awesome x-men game!

  15. This sounds a real shame. I love ole' webhead, especially the PS1 and PS4 games, but this sounds a bit frustrating. Great vid as always G!

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