The Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar. Estimated – USA Street: $199 / RRP UK: £119 / RRP EU: €139

In 1936, Gibson introduced the “Advanced Jumbo” (AJ) acoustic guitar. With it’s one-inch wider 16″ lower bout, rounded or sloped shoulder dreadnought shape and a 25.5″ scale length, the AJ was a powerful flat-top referred to in later Gibson literature as an “acoustic cannon.” Today, this legendary design is carried over with Epiphone new AJ-220S acoustic guitar.


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23 thoughts on “The Epiphone AJ-220S Acoustic Guitar

  1. I do agree that the guitar is nice (I own one) but those videos are so unneccessary because they're obviously going to say nothing but good things about it if they get invited by the company that makes them lol

  2. Its no coincidence that the design looks "classic" lol, the AJ turned into the J45/Texan with its rounded shoulders. A departure from the typical dreadnought shape with square shoulders created by Martin in the 30s. It looks like a very nice guitar, especially for only $200.

  3. Boy these new crop of singer songwriters all sound the same affected way…oh and the guitar is a low end junker. But I am shocked at Ray Benson….he knows better……..duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. "It's like when I fart into my epiphone aj200… It's like it's really me farting… and that's how I know it's a great guitar"

    -chad kroger

  5. found out this is the model my sister(which is the guitar i play on now) has. my dad couldnt have paid more than 130-150 for it and it is pretty good (they're not lying about that neck finish) so, good find.

  6. The wife decided to get me a guitar for our 25th wedding anniversary. We went down to GC to try out acoustics, and I played virtually every one. For sound quality, we both tagged this as one of the best before looking at prices. After looking at the tags, this is the one I wanted. Excellent tone, easy to play. This is a good guitar, not just a good $200 guitar.

  7. I have been using one for a few years, it is the sunburst cutaway made in China, I marvel at how nice it looks, bookmatched wood, and white binding. It is not as loud as a high end guitar, stays in tune all the time, but sounds sweet.
    I was on my bike and saw the broken neck of a guitar sticking out of a garbage can, pulled it out and looked for the head, to no avail (along with the electrics ). It looked brand new. Apparently the person who had it didn't know he could have just glued and clamped the head back on. I dressed up the break, made a head out of maple, glued and reinforced it with an aluminum plate and blended it in with wood epoxy, the transition looks in-noticeable. y musician son got some turners that automatically cut the strings when stringing up (they are great). I think I lowered the bridge action some.
    I do not like the dark sunburst deal, it heats up severely when playing outside in the sun, so think about that when considering a dark colored instrument.

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