The Golf Club 2019 – The 2019 PGA CHAMPIONSHIP | Bethpage Black | First Round

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So this weeks PGATour stop is The PGA Championship at Bethpage Black-19′ Aces has done a good job here’ Pretty challenging course as it should be with tight fairways’ If you don’t get close on ou’re aproach you can leave yourself with some tricky putts
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7 thoughts on “The Golf Club 2019 – The 2019 PGA CHAMPIONSHIP | Bethpage Black | First Round

  1. I played very similar to you Jim, scorching the hole but very few dropping, the greens are tough if your off by a few yards, i think i finished -2 on the same settings, nice round, very enjoyable to watch, Nigel

  2. Nice video, I enjoy watching them! I'm new to the game and trying to improve my game. Do you have any tips on wind speed? I've got elevation calculation down, but can't seem to calculate the wind when there is 14 mph wind in my face or side or behind me. I'm also not sure which clubs to use when I'm using Beginner/Pro clubs. I seem to be missing some clubs that go a long distance which makes it hard to hit accurately in long par 3s. I also find it difficult to calculate lofting.

  3. Yeah Jim, I always just look at my right stick until I have hit the shot, then look at the screen. Unless I am putting or chipping and don’t want a full swing.

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