The Hardest Golf Course | Bethpage Black Part 1

Playing Bethpage Black from the tips on the last day before the PGA Championship! This should be fun! Comment your score predictions!
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So I was in Vegas filming some course vlogs when I got the call from the PGA. They wanted me to catch the next flight to New York and play Bethpage Black the next morning (last day its open). So I obviously said lets do it. I brought my buddy Patrick with me and he had this great idea to play from the tips, but not just the tips the absolute furthest back possible. With Bethpage Black already playing 7465 yards from the back tees that wasn’t enough. We were going to play one foot in the rough. Just sit back and enjoy all 42 minutes of this absolute explosion of a round. Part 2 and 3 coming soon!

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40 thoughts on “The Hardest Golf Course | Bethpage Black Part 1

  1. I actually enjoyed Brodie's commentary. Especially when he whines to Jack "I didn't hit it clean, Jack" like he's seeking Jack's approval. Quite funny.

  2. If you ever go to ny the golf again you need to bring garret matt and Stephen with you and swing down to coudersport PA and shoot a round or two on our course its slightly difficult but a lot and i mean a lot of fun to shoot on….. and if you are ever to make it here to play let me know and i can make some arrangements and show you around the town and around the course……… it a pretty paid back course so if you were to come here in the summer you would be able yo wear your athletic attire they arent very strict about what you wear

  3. I began to watch this because I'm a LI native a huge fan of the black. Always like to see others impression of our local gem. Nice birdie on #1 but I could not make it past 12 minutes of coverage due to the obnoxious commentary. Then I read the comments…yikes…..hysterical.

  4. 🤣 22:43 BROdie says "What is that letter?" 🤣BROdie BROdie BROdie. I bet Jack the caddie was even laughing. Holy hell that is genuinely and unexpectedly funny. Jack is my hero for being the consummate gentleman and professional. BROdie please learn a bit a class from Jack.

  5. The monster of the day is Jack. Carrying 2 bags and I mean good-sized bags, a whopping 7,800 yards. Goodness gracious Jack you Da Man!!!!

  6. I don't know what you ended up shooting but I would have gone into this thinking anything under100 would be good. I really think under 80 for you guys from the tips is a pipe dream..

  7. You’re playing basically the most exclusive public course in the country and decide to tee off from off the tee box? Not to mention screaming at the top of your lungs after every shot? I love your Channel Brodie, but this was too hard to watch

  8. WOW. some of these whiney ass comments are horrible, dudes out here having fun and you all are being old ass holes, if golf doesn't move towards this then who will watch it in the future, have to get more young people interested.

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