The MacBook Pro 16-inch Review: Apple listened!

Apple’s MacBook Pro 16-inch addresses almost every issue that has driven customers crazy for years. The keyboard returns with scissor switches, there’s a whole new thermal cooling system, the Esc key returns and they even surprised us with amazing sound. Apple finally listened to what we wanted and it resulted in the best MacBook Pro we’ve seen in years.


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40 thoughts on “The MacBook Pro 16-inch Review: Apple listened!

  1. Thanks for the review. With you on the Facetime camera. Show be at least 1080P so you could use it for a simple talking head clip along with the built in microphone system.

  2. would you advise to wait for the new generation? And what do you think will be the new features? is it worth it to wait?

  3. I won't be happy until Apple gets off of this "we have to make our machines anorexic-thin and not let our users upgrade stuff on them" kick they've been on since Jony showed up.

  4. Nah definitely keep the Touch Bar. I use it everyday multiple times. I prefer its dynamic brightness and volume keys implementation. I appreciate the simple calculator operations right above the row of numbers. I like some other app specific functions without requiring to recall key combos such as new safari windows, the various screenshot options etc. very very helpful

  5. Has "MacOS Catalina Has Major Problems On MacBook Pro" fixed yet due to new Music app instead of iTunes for many dj apps and dj controllers?

  6. Do you have an old MacBook and you’ll come for somebody needs a good home I’ve been at work for 30 years I’m on disability so I don’t have a way to get any I love to get one when these days so if you know anybody I’m Dennis Brill 84 trill lake rd A 1Chestertown NY 12817 phone number is 603-716-1010 thank you do you have anyway you can help me

  7. How did you transfer all your stuff from the 15” to the 16”? Do you use iCloud or external drive as back up? I still use Apple’s TimeMachine/TimeCapsule. But it has been discontinued. What would you suggest? Thank you Brian

  8. 4k is really just a marketting thing people love to throw around. I mean yeah I love ultra hi def … the imac 5k screen is amazing. Anyway my point is this is about 90% of 4k so it's close enough – especially at this size.

  9. Everyone is talking about how much Apple listened but I don’t see any more ports than USB C still. You tech you tubers sure are dazzled easily.

  10. There are 4tb ssds available for the razor and ThinkPad extreme x1 they have 2 slots so 8tb for around $1309 or $1000 less than apple charges and you keep your base amount or sell it.
    64gb ram is much cheaper than what apple says

  11. Only a little
    No 4k
    No oled boxer or xdr mini led
    No usba no HDMI no sd card
    No magsafe
    No digital out or in
    Soldered ram
    Soldered memory

    These are not new things but things apple took away to sell dongles cords adapters and at purchase ram and storage only from apple.
    Apple fights right to repair
    Almost all repairs require a full new motherboard by design.
    Great speakers and track pad and battery life.

  12. Why the hate for the Touch Bar? I understand you may not use it, but many of us enjoy it. As Steve Jobs said with the intro of the iPhone, physical buttons cant adapt to each individual app. Same for the functions, ok, you could configure them, but at least the Touch Bar shows what each function does. You don’t have to memorize each key

  13. Very expensive
    Low specs
    Weak thermal dissipation design
    Less I/O ports
    Repair is near impossible coz they want U to buy a new 1 🤪🤣😜

  14. Another rubbish product.
    Few months and U’ll have a paperweight
    Don’t ask for repair coz apple will tell U to buy a new 1 HAHAHAHA 🤪🤣😜

  15. Apple only started listening when Jony Ive is nearly out so this means he's the one who prevented Apple from listening, almost like a toxic partner they had to let go !
    The guy was obsessed with thinness almost to the detriment of actual use of a product ,the latest being the keyboard fiasco !
    Now the ugly notch days are also numbered and battery life will improve greatly everywhere considering the thinness will not be an obsession anymore !
    And You're absolutely right Brian the Touch bar is just a gimmick and nothing more !

  16. Yes touch bar is stupid. For example, I have two press it several times to adjust the sound up and down. It's extra steps. I have the 2018 15 in MacBook Pro and the keys on the keyboard ARE too thin. So are the keys on the current Mac wireless keyboard.

  17. Honestly, if apple could've added a full 4k HDR display and Face ID I would've upgraded on sight without even having to watch a review.

  18. Liked the video until you said "Get rid of the Touch bar". Damn, it's my favourite design and for me, it's made other Macs without it look dated! Damn!

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