THE MINECRAFT ANIME WAIFU MOD! || Minecraft Anime Collection Mod Review

THE MINECRAFT ANIME WAIFU MOD! || Minecraft Anime Collection Mod Review

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36 thoughts on “THE MINECRAFT ANIME WAIFU MOD! || Minecraft Anime Collection Mod Review

  1. some of the characters come from Chinese mobile games and others are from Japanese games. Sopmap2 JR From Girl frontline but she actually from the Short anime of it. and Enterprise from Azur Lane Both of them and included Yae Saukra It’s from a Chinese mobile game

  2. I have to admit Gingy you're a sneaky one but I seen through your tricks I know what you're doing you're making this video to make people fail at No Nut November aren't you. You are clever but not clever enough.

  3. To find the most up to date version of the Girls Frontline mod, go to Twitter. The mod creator has it as a pinned tweet. (@SCOPE_MG36)

  4. The only characters I recognized were the konsoba girls, the fate girls, the dragon maid girls, Sanae from the game Touhou, Haru from the game Soulworker, and thats about it….

  5. Lucoa is the dragon god known as Quetzalcoatl. Basically the Aztec sun God I think. His sister got him drunk and he flew into the sun on a bed of snakes. I think that’s how it goes… Greek and Roman mythology is my specialty, not Mexican. I barely remember the the basics

  6. *triggered* mmmmmmmmmppppphhhh!!!!! Dammit Gin it’s Fate: APOCRYPHA, not APOCALYPIA!!! And you call yourself an Otaku! —_—*

  7. Make a video where they add best jojo waifu speedwagon, I may download the mod if he's included. Also Zamasu did nothing wrong!

  8. Nero Claudius, Fate: extra last encore, the red saber. Has a bigger rack then both saber and Mordred. Says “UmU” a lot. Inferior to Mordred as far as looks go. And personality. Adorable as all hell but is neither Artoria Pendragon Nor Mordred. In case it was an obvious I am only stating my opinion as well as fucking around. I’m sorry, but she’s not my type. Honestly I haven’t watched Fate extra last encore yet so my opinion is also subject to change. She will never be better than saber or mordred to me, but it’s possible that she will grow on me when I watch her series.

  9. i've heard it pronounced as loo-ko-ah, and the Exusiai girl is from Arknights and Haru Estia is from Soulworker, an anime game

  10. Gingy, "Girls Frontline" isn't a Minecraft mod, it's an anime-inspired (not based on any specific series) mobile game. I assume "The Smol One" aka M4 Sopmod 2 Jr is from that, maybe?

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