The Road To St Andrews First EVER PGA Golf Lesson

Its time to take Fifi to Her First Ever PGA pro lesson, so that she doesn’t get any bad habits of me and has the best start into golf and this is how we get on But do you think golf lessons are important

having golf lessons is important to any golfing journey so hopfully Fiona continues to learn and stick at the game


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14 thoughts on “The Road To St Andrews First EVER PGA Golf Lesson

  1. I'm Absolutely loving this series, My hat goes off to you for putting in the effort to get more people into golf, the lesson was really good too, great to see Fiona taking it seriously as well as having fun with some great changes in the swing at the end, I think she will be giving you a run for your money in no time

  2. Glad you took my advice and went to see Donald. Brilliant coach who got me down single figures this season. Look forward to seeing your next lesson Fiona. 👍

  3. jwatched this with three of my grandchildren, Fiona’s nieces. We are all supper impressed. Proud mamma, thanks Lloydigolf

  4. Such a great lesson with Donald McKay at Wellsgreen! It was a huge benefit to my progress. Thank you for setting it up Lloyd.

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