TOKYO AIRPORT – Narita to Tokyo | Japan travel guide (vlog 1)

Narita Airport (NRT) is the main international airport in Tokyo, Japan, and receives 50% of Japan’s international flights to Tokyo. But the airport is quite far from the city. So how to go from Narita to Tokyo? There are several options, from Narita Express train to low-cost bus, and in this video, you’ll see why we chose the cheapest route. If you’re travelling to Japan, this Narita Tokyo airport review will probably be useful.

This is the first vlog in the Japan travel guide series. From now on, you can expect detailed guides on Tokyo and other cities in Japan.

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21 thoughts on “TOKYO AIRPORT – Narita to Tokyo | Japan travel guide (vlog 1)

  1. As the Rugby World Cup approaches, hope this Japan series will be useful ❤️. After Japan, there will be more vlogs in Malaysia 😍

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  3. Gracias por el video. Una consulta en cuanto al dinero que me recomiendas mas llevar una tarjeta de crédito o débito y cuánto recomendarias cambiar para gastos básicos de 2 días…gracias.

  4. Hello, been doing so much reviewing over the past few months because we are taking our daughter (19 yr old) for Christmas. We tried to delay until the spring, but this has been her request for years. There's so much information and I'm totally overwhelmed. How would the hotel you stayed in accommodate the three of us? Would we request two rooms or would you suggest an Airbnb?

  5. If you have the option, haneda airport is much better for traveling into tokyo. It is cheaper and much quicker to get into central tokyo.

  6. JR Pass seems to cover Narita Express (NEX) but you might be overwhelmed in crowded Tokyo Station with the big suitcase and luggage. I always use the shuttle bus between my house and Narita or Haneda, as she mentioned it goes to many area around Tokyo, cheaper and easier than riding and changing trains to get the destination. And also NEX is expensive and I can't use JR Pass coz I'm Japanese lol

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