Top 10 Apple Arcade Games!

Apple Arcade brings 100+ games to your iPhone and all of them are quality titles. I don’t usually game on my phone that often, but the breadth of games at launch and phenomenal graphics keep me coming back. What is your favorite game on Apple Arcade so far?

Top 10 Games (in order from my least to most favorite)
10. Mini Motorways
9. LEGO Brawls
8. Oceanhorn 2
7. Speed Demons
6. Dodo Peak
5. Operator 41
4. Overland
3. RaymanMini
2. Assemble
1. Projection: First Light

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34 thoughts on “Top 10 Apple Arcade Games!

  1. The biggest problem with all mobile games is the connection and interaction. Rarely you’ll find a game with a good graphic, nice gameplay and nice dialogues. They have some sentences at the start of the game and in the next 30 minutes of the game you’ll hear only music. No story, no dialogue, no nothing.
    All mobile games feel so dead.

  2. Being exclusive docent make a game good or add value If anything it singles out to a particular audience and alienating a majority of people that don’t have access to them which won’t drive sales
    The other thing I will say is why the hell would I pay Apple £5 a month to play mediocre mobile games when I could Just pay a one off £5 to buy Minecraft or GTA or SONIC you know real games that are available to download on the App Store not to mention the hundreds of FREE to play games
    It’s a waste of money and I’m my opinion just another Way of apple to RAKE Every penny they can from there customers who had already spent £1000 on there phones

  3. I’m good with PUBG Minecraft and ARK there are a lot of really good looking games that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to play

  4. Time for those horrible smartphone games to go, we want THIS type of quality and service for mobile gaming. Looks awesome.

  5. I just finished Oceanhorn 2 and it’s sooooo fucking good. The graphics are hands down one of the best I’ve seen on mobile games.

  6. So most games are fun type games with no graphics like pub g or Asphalt or atleast similar , sad bcs i expected those games aswell.

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