Top 10 BEST HEROES to CRUSH LANE – Pro Offlane Drafting Tips to CARRY | Dota 2 Laning Guide

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In this pro Dota 2 offlane guide, pro coach Speeed covers his top 10 picks for the BEST HEROES for dominating the laning phase in the offlane. Speeed will cover tips and tricks YOU can abuse to get an advantage in lane. Take these pro drafting tips and use them to bolster your heropool and rank up fast from the offlane role by carrying your games right from the start!

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44 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST HEROES to CRUSH LANE – Pro Offlane Drafting Tips to CARRY | Dota 2 Laning Guide

  1. In this guide, Speeed covers his picks for the top 10 most potent offlane heroes for DOMINATING the laning phase!

    Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!
    0:43 – Axe

    1:15– Legion Commander

    2:14 – Brewmaster

    3:05 – Sand King

    4:11 – Mars

    5:10 – Nature's Prophet

    6:47 – Bristleback

    8:04 – Centaur Warrunner

    9:11 – Batrider

    11:20 – Enchantress

  2. add viper in offlane side
    insane counter to any carry that relies on passive
    big burst low mana usage good tank if going pipe and gg build.
    right now iam sitting on 20 streaks with viper offlane in ancient bracket.

  3. Taking off the bat rider off the list, i will put the number one: Phoenix. Yes, phoenix. In the game star she's weak, but when you get level 5. Believe. She will destroy 2 enemys alone. When you get tue supenova and start a good combo, woth one dive you can kill even 4 enemys at same time. Phoenix have even the solar strike. In level 4, she can kill even the most tank heroes in dota.

  4. offlane wr pos 3 huge damage from w free dodge with e more useful then any hero if team up is tanky. I find her similiar to ench. wr has no regen enc has no burst.

  5. Ok so no Doom !?! I honestly consider him the best offlaner, if not the best hero in the game to teamfight.
    No kidding, i would almost win every 1v3 early fight if it weren't for the 4th hero ganking, and even that, i got all 4 heroes VEEEERY low, all because of my Q and W.

  6. As offlane player,i give up play melee offlane heroes.
    My teammates always leave me against 3 hero.can't do a shit. Harass or farm.

  7. I think you forgetting ursa??? One of the sure kill hero..also, timbersaw, undying, kotl, tidehunter, bloodseeker. Well, bs is hardly can play any lane, depending on who he want to crush.

  8. I dont even level sandstorm on lane… i play sandking like i play axe.. blocking waves with caustic finale and timing the explotion.. (well im not that high mmr either so.. fairly easy to solo lanes without dieing in legend6-7 range) , i agree with the video tho… axe,centaur,sandking are very consistent offlaners.

  9. Underlord is slowly climbing to become a decent offlaner. I still he needs a couple of buffs before he's viable. But he's great at pushing that lane. And his Root is getting more spammable.

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