30 thoughts on “Top 5 Sáng Tạo Độc Đáo với Quạt Máy Tính

  1. The laptop 'cooler' doesn't cool anything it can't suck in air. Like the other 'projects' it's a shitload of useless infantile CRAP! :-))

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  3. Интересно, этот мастер ногти у себя на руках как часто подстригает? (It would be better to cut your nails on your hands)

  4. 9:00 Muito Burro = Very dumb, no intelligence. (TOP 4) The Cooler never blows pull the Air because both sides are blocked access.
    O Cooler nunca ira soprar sugar o Ar, pois ambos os lados da helice estão bloqueados

  5. De las cosas q cepuiden hacer para aprender y aprender no ocupa espacio si no en bella leer y a perder es de sabio

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