Traveling in Thailand | Bangkok to Chiang Mai

We spent a few days in Bangkok, then took a bus ride to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is more chill and the accommodations are much more affordable.

Watch our Thailand Journey In Order


2. Traveling in Thailand | Bangkok to Chiang Mai

3. Our Cheap $14 Hotel In Chiang Mai

4. Our $400 Monthly Rental House In Chiang Mai

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40 thoughts on “Traveling in Thailand | Bangkok to Chiang Mai

  1. How do you guys adjust your stomachs to eating foreign. I had great food cross seas clean highly recommended places but when i got back home and had food in the states. It still gave me mild stomach issues for about 2 days

  2. Hi guys. I'm a Brit been living in Bangkok for the past 22 years. Hope you enjoy your time here and keep up with the great vids.

  3. Well guys it’s awesome. I stated in another one of your videos that I also live in Chiang Mai. I live in a 3 bedroom house in the Hang Dong area. Can you shoot me an email or message Cyndee Weber!!! Try not to rent a condo. You deserve much better.

  4. Wowwwwwww did y'all have to leave your belongings in Thailand (are you returning to the house you were staying in in the first city)… or did you just get rid of your items?

  5. Nice bus amenities. Better than Grey hound. Very cool. Thank's for sharing. I noticed in your travels you let the children be free. No worries about judgements from public.

  6. Yes indeed, coming from the USA my first time traveling through Southeast Asia I had two extra large suitcase and a back pack. And yes, it was difficult for me getting around. I can't imagine with five kids. Bless y'all heart. Every hotel or hostel I stayed, I left something with the maids. Finally in Nha Trang Vietnam I left one of the large suitcase and stuff again, with the maid. Just find out where the locals eat, there is always crowded so the food is not sitting, cheap eat and good food. Keep traveling and enjoying!!! If you get this way to Vietnam post me. I live in Vung Tau Vietnam 2.5 hours South of Saigon on the coast. HAPPY TRAVELING!!!!!!!!!|


  8. That fruit u saw all around is durian , smells funny but guaranteed best fruit u wil ever taste in your life . So def try it

  9. Great vlog family! That bus did look comfortable. I believe you would have enjoyed the train too. Seats convert into beds with curtains and a food car to freely go back and forth to. Great overnight option. Enjoy and safe travels! – Shana

  10. The public transport from the bus station was a Songthaew. It's probably going to be the best option for your big family. It's very affordable but it takes some time getting used to. Grab is another option. Chiang Mai is great for a family. It's relatively slow paced but has a lot to see. Enjoy at your own pace. It's beautiful.

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