Twilight at Wimbledon 2019: Day 13 Review

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30 thoughts on “Twilight at Wimbledon 2019: Day 13 Review

  1. The quality of play was not up to their usual standard in my opinion. The drama of the match was awesome. Novak finds a way to win down 2 match points ON FEDERER'S SERVE!! in the 5th set. I think the next 2-3 years will determine who the GOAT is. Love all 3 of the top guys…

  2. Has Rafa beaten Roger and Novak back to back to win a Slam?
    Has Novak beaten Roger and Rafa back to back to win a Slam?
    What's all the noise that Roger hasn't beaten them back to back?
    How does Marcus Buckland know that the Royal Family are neutrals?
    Is he in their minds?
    Signed: A Disappointed Roger Fan

  3. Even if the match was played inside the Wembley stadium with over 80,000 spectators cheering for Federer, KING NOVAK would still WIN.😀🤣😂😅😀😀😀

  4. So much support for federer. It is very painful thing for djokovic. The only support he got was from his relatives. Shameful.

  5. Novak, Rafa & Roger are superb players. But without a shred of doubt Novak is the most gifted of the three! If only Novak could control his mind and emotions, he would be the winner of every grand slam!
    What a magnificent final!

  6. Federer a cheat
    Base line distraction
    Spin his racket every serve as a distraction,
    Look at the stats
    Amount s of first serve distraction?

  7. tennis is unfair sometimes… I like djoko but think federer played better… more aces, more winners, more net points won… more points in general… had 2 championship points but lost O.O sad honestly… djoko won all sets in a tiebreak and won the championship… bc of like idl 3 points per tiebreak = win -_-' and dont forget federer beat nadal to get there … imagine if fed had won this… imagine the solidity that would show…
    the match was epic tho

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