Unboxing the Gan 356 X, 354 M, and More! | TheCubicle.us

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Rubik’s Gan 2×2: not available yet
Gan 354 M:
Gan 356 X: not available yet

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This video has been sponsored by TheCubicle.us. They have provided monetary compensation for the production of the video, and they have also provided the puzzle(s) in this video for free, under the condition that I will provide a fair and honest review.

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25 thoughts on “Unboxing the Gan 356 X, 354 M, and More! | TheCubicle.us

  1. I asked my aunt to buy me my first speed cube from amazon (because she only buys stuff online from there) and I think she though I meant a Rubik’s brand cube so…

  2. So I got a tan 356 x and I Put the yellow nuts in it and I put the clear magnets in it and now I use it for my main. I suggest getting it

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