25 thoughts on “Updated Onyx Nova Pro Review with New 2.1 Software

  1. What about using it with a bluetooth keyboard? Can it be put in landscape and NOT show the onscreen keyboard? How's the latency when typing? Thanks.

  2. Thank you for your amazing reviews! Have been choosing between Kobo Forma and Kindle Oasis until I found this one. Now I know why I hesitated.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. In all reviews I saw that the writing experience is very bad. Is that becouse reviewers aren't able to write or becouse the tablet aren't good for writing, or any other reason?


    Even though this doesn't have any location-divining hardware, Android will use wifi and BT for it, so I turned location services off, and turned off wifi, (I haven't used the Bluetooth yet) and after 5 days, with a couple hours of use per day, the device's battery level reads 91%. So theoretically, I should be getting about 100 hours of use out of a charge, without wifi.

  5. Onyx has come out, in 2019, with two versions of the Boox: 7.8" Nova Pro and 10.3" Notes Pro. They both seem quite good. I would use the eReader primarily has a supplement to my Surface Pro
    and desktop while doing in library or on-site research. The texts I would use are mainly from university press publishers or actual course books. Which size would you recommend? The Notes Pro has not been officially priced yet as far I know. The Nova Pro is about $400 CDN, the Note Pro is about $800 CDN, which is huge difference…essentially the software has the same features, so it comes down to screen size. Would the Notes Pro be a better choice vis-a-vis the type of work envisaged? PS liked your product review.

  6. How can I update to this 2.1 firmware? Just got one today and it still on 2.0.1, no new update notification. Boox website still only lists 2.0.1 at the latest firmware o_O

  7. Is there any way you can keep some old settings when you update to 2.1? I use a lot the sidenote feature and I really like the fact that the notes appear after the page, and not at the end of the document.

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