Using Apple’s Cheapest iMac… From 10 Years Ago!

Can we restore and use Apple’s cheapest iMac from 2009? Let’s find out 🙂 #Apple #iMac #Restoration

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30 thoughts on “Using Apple’s Cheapest iMac… From 10 Years Ago!

  1. Glad to finally get another video out to y'all 👌 Don't think I mentioned it but the iMac had 4GB of ram 🙂 Going to try and get a video out every week, enjoy!

  2. I bought mine 2009 early new. keep it clean inside, added 8 gb memory still going, everything you said. I run El Capitan for now ..,

  3. Very nice, two weeks ago i found an imac 24" from 2007 in a dumpster, it work well but now i'm asking me some question, did i need to change the CPU ? And which one should i put ?
    Did you have any advice or opinion on the necessity of this ?

  4. I have that one of these that has been untouched and only used for video games if you’d like you can buy it from me it still works perfectly fine!

  5. How come you’re using Mac OS X Yosemite?
    The 2009 iMac officially supports OS X ElCapitan and unofficially supports macOS Sierra with a patcher tool.

  6. I don't know why this Imac is not to popular, it may not be a gaming rig (no mac really excels at gaming) however it was a pretty good as a productivity workhorse.

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