Weijiang Black Apple Optimus Prime: Unboxing, Review & Comparison

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37 thoughts on “Weijiang Black Apple Optimus Prime: Unboxing, Review & Comparison

  1. 6:34 The arms are screen accurate to Transformers 2007 and Revenge of the fallen. In DOTM the arms were changed on the sides to be spiked, and BMB LS03F is made to be the Dark Of The Moon version

  2. Only on leg parts got weathering effect.the rest is clean. Still confiusing me. Why only that part?? Not do some battle damage a bit on whole parts..🤔

  3. Buat roda bagian belakang bisa collapse itu brilian sih menurut saya. Tapi apa boleh buat sih…klo pake rubber tires mungkin agak sulit buat transform, makanya pake plastic.
    Good review btw.

  4. you didn't show the backpack. black apple has the most accurate backpack to cgi model compare to bmb. you also didn't highlight the fact that tires from black apple can transform. unlike bmb which you had to change. some don't really like part forming.

  5. Lama diem, muncul lagi saya om. Hehehe. Paling seneng kalo Robtoys comparing review gini sama bagian grebek",.. hehehe
    Kmaren sengaja nahan beli OP karna tau Weijiang ama BMB selalu upgrade hasil produksi mereka. Nhah bener kan weijiang ngeluarin lagi. 2 produsen mainan ini udh kaya produsen motor. Kalo motor ngga rubah nama tapi upgrade bentuk sama motif. Ini mreka sama aja. Karakternya ngga diganti. Tapi motif nya saingan dibuat detail. Tapi setuju banget om. Sebelum om ngomong dus nya esklusif begitu liat warna merah itu tadi udah waw parah

  6. Compare optimus film ke 1 harus dgn film ke 1 jg bang jgn sm ls03f yg jelas2 dr film ke 3..
    Jelas sikut black apple lebih movie acurate dibanding ls03 yg sama2 dr film ke 1..
    Di film ke 3 sikut optimus baru ada 2 tanduknya..

  7. Ini sih keren bngett mirip prime one. Dan fyi Optimus prime yg pling gue suka itu difilm transformers: revenge of the fallen. Gaharr abisss.

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