Weiss Cannon ULTRA CABLE 17g string review – The String Bar Ep. 5

In episode 5 of The String Bar we dive deep into Weiss Cannon Ultra Cable 17. While unboxing we discover a quirk, hop on a call with customer support, head downtown for a perfect sunset hardcourt session, return to dusty clay court conditions, then reveal who this string is for.
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 Jaeden Camstra – Sunny D
Cloudchord – Algeria
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13 thoughts on “Weiss Cannon ULTRA CABLE 17g string review – The String Bar Ep. 5

  1. Just want to say you have a great channel and compared to most tennis channel the quality of your production is very high. Ive been enjoying a lot and I hope you keep continue making it so this channel grows into the level it deserves.

  2. Good evening, I realize that your channel is new, with few subscribers and few views and has everything to grow, a suggestion I have for you is to do a review of Head Hawk Touch, since Tennis Warehouse hasn't done it yet, and many players want the head hawk touch review, just read the comments from the head hawk review and the head hawk rough review, i think that would be a good opportunity for you, it would be an exclusive channel from you the head hawk touch review, to that can attract more subscribers and views, just a tip, I don't know if I'm right, I really like your channel, and congratulations on the reviews.

  3. This string is so sharp you can shave with it in the mornings, It shreds the felt off the tennis balls,
    I strung mine at 51 in a 18×20 Prince TXT 100p. After 2 hours off play i have shoulder pain but its a fun string. I prefer RPM Blast and Yonex PTP.

  4. Basically trying out everything I've ever hit with or played – just used Ultra Cable aswell, i strung at 45lbs, in a flexible racquet and it was hurting haha

    Spin G is a nice string i've used it quite a few times, when it breaks in, i think it's generally solid all around, been meaning to use it again because my understanding of strings / feel improved alot since, been about 2 years

  5. I was thinking of trying black code 4s next to take it easy on the arm. You cant hybrid this cause it will cut the other string

  6. Great review…I had better results the more it broke in and I also had to flatten my shots a little. But I was able to put full power in my shots and have the balls dip in last second… I had to keep asking if the ball was in cause normally I would overshoot the balls if I over hit.

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