Why you lose to WORSE tennis players (plus the solution)

Do you HATE losing to players who have worse technique, are in worse shape, and just plain don’t LOOK like a good tennis player? There’s a reason why it happens and this lesson reveals the solution: we call it the Singles Matrix. It only takes a few seconds to fill out but then you’ll have powerful clarity about exactly what to do to defeat every style of opponent you play: aggressive baseliners, pushers, net rushers, and more.

In this special lesson you’ll see the Singles Matrix in action during a 5.0 level set of match play and a 3.5 level set of match play. Find out how it guided players to victory by illuminating exactly what path to take with their tactics, targets, and strategies.
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If you can read this you have an impressive scrolling game.


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30 thoughts on “Why you lose to WORSE tennis players (plus the solution)

  1. Kevin does waaaaaay too much reajusting as regards his baseline position and your stroke placement. If he calmed down and relaxed the dashing about after the stroke he'd of taken you Ian. Kev probably a basketballer or american football running back maybe?

  2. The most valuable thing my coach ever taught me was that if you're going to stay at the baseline and play defensively, never move back, or forward diagonally for a ball; always move sideways (along the baseline) and time it from there, whether it ends up being a drop shot or otherwise doesnt matter. It gives you more time to return, and ensures you dont lose any of your court. I saw these guys (the second pair) moving all over the place, into no mans land, or way too far back, and hitting weak shots that couldn't even make it over the net, or lobs that went out. Staying at the baseline helps so much with control (if you're going to stay back there). They call it no man's land for a reason.

  3. Yo, I just played the same set kevin did. For some reason I just was tight on the fh wing, and didnt feel the ball well of that wing. But my opponent didn't read that, and I was able to squeeze out the set. We talked after. He said he couldn't see a way to beat me, and I was thinking I was lucky yor take the set 6-2 6-4. Funny how people struggle with analazing their opponents and adjusting strategy

  4. LOL good video…only observation is it looked like Kevin is sandbagging his forehand…chopping slice forehands when you have a lethal heavy topspin forehand…

  5. Great example of why playing TIGHT tennis will never work ( kevin ) Ian won because he was looser – Ian is a better match player than kevin – or can relax better under stress – Great way to lose that tightness was to BLAST a forehand as hard as he possible could straight at Ian when he came to the net – do this a few times and you will get looser – promise – poor kevin – plus when you blast ian at the net you killing two birds with the one stone – lose your tight arm and intimidate Ian plus there is the good possibility you would win the point also.

  6. Ian, are you implying that Kevin is the weaker player? It's not obvious to me that Kevin is weaker. Kevin as a total package looks technically stronger but seems to lack a good strategic plan and simply depends on his skillset. I agree that his forehand is weaker than his backhand but even considering that, he could have played better. Seems to me that his game was off in your match. Really, the technical flaw in his forehand is that he does not pat the dog and so his forehand trajectory is always topspin heavy or loopy. If he implements the pat the dog he could hit with variety, i.e. a driving flatter shot as well as topspin.

  7. Ian some constructive criticism for you: I think you lean on your forehand side towards your left foot sometimes, instead of being centered. Sometimes you don't. When you do lean it goes out. You can put weight on your forehand foot but shouldn't be leaning like your are doing on easy balls. Leaning messes up your balance and therefore your forehands are not being hit properly. Maybe you can widen your feet or sink lower so you can put your weight on one side while maintaining balance and upright torso. From this angle, it seems like you have a wide base but your right side leg has more width than your left side. Maybe that's the reason? The goal is to keep your torso/core centered perpendicular to the ground as much as possible. For example, at 5:28 your head crosses your feet at the point of contact.

    Also you seem to be either choking on your grip (due to nerves) or keeping your wrist/arm too tight. So you are kind of pushing the forehand with your torso rotation instead of letting it whip. Your arm is locked with your torso rotation, instead of lagging.

    Working on both these things should improve your forehand considerably. In any case you guys have really good game and channel and I enjoyed watching this video.

  8. My experience is that when someone loses to a "worse player", it's usually because their game is extremely one-dimensional and they can't adapt to different playing styles or when one of their "weapons" isn't working on that day.
    I think this cheat sheet method will help alot to make a player aware of that fact and motivate them to become more adaptable!

  9. Very watchable, there is a lot here to view more than once. All rec players can relate to being video taped, it's humbling, no hiding. Am I crazy or does Kevin back up vs 'taking the ball early'? Ian is hilarious whispering into the camera like Kevin is stealing his signs!

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