Wimbledon 2019 – FEDAL XL Delivers | Coffee Break Tennis

Matt talks about the men’s semi finals at Wimbledon 2019 and previews the Djoker/Fed final a bit plus more!!


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49 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2019 – FEDAL XL Delivers | Coffee Break Tennis

  1. Matt: Is there a way to pay an annual Patreon subscription? I don't like monthly payments…but may make an exception for you and your show 🙂

  2. Also, I think it was proven the AO courts were slower this year than in 2017-2018. Still fast compared to most hardcourts nowadays, but slowed down a smidge 🙁

  3. My worry is a similar letdown like in 2015. Federer served arguably his greatest clinic against Murray in the semifinals then didn’t have it against Djokovic who totally outplayed RF that day. Fed served sooo well against Nadal. Can’t have a drop off against Djokovic this time like in 2015.

  4. So what happened to green clay?…

    Fed fans make me laugh. I told you he would win in 4 or 5. He will now face a big challenge against Djok. But has a great chance.

  5. Match play on clay v.smart move before W;-) 
    Serve spots huge factor over R.Nadal 
    Awesome long rallies. Matt so much better show w/video of you +Mr.GOAT-missed this time…Not a fan w/o ,hearing you in a black screen NNNOOOT….Jah Mon love music ending-

  6. What happened to goat meow. (Eating ,sleeping?) ps considering the amount of discussion that’s being given to Fedal match. Isn’t this the case with all tennis matches? I really dig this channel. I to feel the fed. Oh yeah he’s also never retired in a match not once

  7. I was disappointed with Nadal's return.First set was just serving. I didn't watch 2nd set but other sets Nadal gave the victory to Federer. He couldn't do anything with Fereres's serve (just 4 breakpoints in two sets and nothing). Bad for Federer he isn't great either. It looks like Nadal was very nervous and he didn't know which type of game to play, the old or the new aggressive. He decides to play aggressive at match points but it was too late.

  8. I think even Roger knows he has no chance if Nole is in the zone. That is his only chance, that Novak doesn't play well.

  9. Just gotta say, the only other time Federer lost a set 6-1 at Wimbledon was against Berdych in 2010 and at the Olympics against Murray in 2012.

  10. Here’s how I feel about Fedal’s 2nd set…Roger was taking a breather, not spending any…ANY energy at all except to walk very slowly from deuce side to ad side and to change ends on odd games; only because he has to. Roger knew he was going to win the match so why not give GIVE Rafa a set so he wouldn’t be totally humiliated by going out in 3 straight sets❤️ That’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever typed 🙄

  11. I like to see you dringing coffee
    With out sougar when Djocovic
    Destroys Feterrer you never say
    Something about the Hart Draw
    Nadal have and for same reason
    They seeded him namber 3 when he is namber 2 .

  12. what i like about roger is his cool. at worst he shouts something in german or pumps a gentle fist. he walks so slow and makes everyhting look simple. nadal I can appreciate, he's a worker, he is a physical guy and shouts out his emotions. but djoko is an ego case. that's why so few people like him. and the show of his intimate feelings with the above when he wins and how he needs to shove it up the whole stadion, frankly, he can shove it up his ass. what a maniac. I pity his family. the pretentious poor bastard is good for years of serious therapy. it would be funny if it wasn't that sad. imho 🙂

  13. It is interesting to watch completely bias analysis from the complete blind fedfan. Completely overlooking the fact that both Rafa and Nole played pretty poor in semis

  14. Beating Novak is quite a mission impossible. Why?

    Happened 3 times that Rafa beat both Novak and Roger in the same major to win the tile (RG'06'07'08) and once Novak beat both Rafa and Roger at UO'11.

    Roger never beat Rafa and Novak in any tournament.

    +, when Djokovic won 2011 US Open he was #1 and Nadal was #2 and Federer #3.

    Never happened that guy beyond top 2 beat two top 2 big 3 members, and now rankings are just the same like 8 years ago in New York.

    All those years Rafa was #2, Roger #1 and Novak was #63, #6 and #3.

    Now Roger ranked 3rd just beat 2nd Rafa in SF so beating 1st Novak in the F seems impossible.

  15. All tournament long, I have predicted that Novak will take Wimbledon 2019. After yesterday's match against Rafa, I might have to switch to Roger. He's playing with serenity and confidence.

  16. Federer seems to have hit a lot of balls right up the middle to prevent Nadal from finding an angle later in the match and started pounding the ball to his backhand and Nadal didn't or wasn't able to run around.

  17. I think Federer may do better with some pace on the serve. Nadal probably should have thrown some junk serves or varied it more.

  18. I think Fed will pull this out . He’s played much stiffer competition, and because of this his level is were it needs to be to win the trophy. As long as 2015 djoker doesn’t show up fed wins in 4

  19. Semifinal Federer beats semifinal Djokovic. But that was the case in 2015 too, and that went the other way. I don't know what to think, we'll have to wait and see.
    Boy, was I worried that Federer blew the match when challenging Nadal's serve when he would have won the point if he hadn't said anything. He won the next point, so the match would have been over then and there. I had my heart in my mouth when he shanked the smash and gave Nadal a breakpoint when serving for the match.

  20. Everything you're saying is nice, but it all comes down to this for me: BEAT ME TWICE, BUT NOBODY–AND I MEAN NOBODY–BEATS ME 3X's IN A ROW AT WIMBLEDON.

  21. … and am elated to see Halep wins and most importantly Serena loses. I really don't know what's wrong with those commentators talking about Serena's moving being so good. Seriously her footwork is awful. She makes up for it by powerful strokes. Most awkward playing ex-champion ever.

  22. Two things: 1- Fed 'reduced the court': instead of looking for angles, with the linear power strokes off fh and bh he reduced Nadal's options. Of course it starts with the return game or with his own serve. 2- He was edging Nadal in the longer rallies, which means he kept his UE count lower than usual, or rather he wasn't trying to go for the killer winner as much as his creative mind usually dictates. This was great mental strength from Fed. If he can devise and execute as good a game plan against Djoker, then yes it will be his 9th.

  23. Fed moving well! Slice and bomb back hand cross court will still be factor vs Joke. Anything to get joke out wide and fed to pressure Serve volley/easy directional winner. The MAJOR key is keeping the ball flat and low with variety. Joke gets into beast mode by long topspin rallies. Fed keeps the low variety less heavy balls he’s golden! Also, beast serves!! 1 More! Blackjack baby!! Let’s Geaux Fed!! #9

  24. Actually Roger got breadsticked vs Berdych in 2010 QF 4-6, 6-3, 1-6, 4-6, so only 2nd breadstick received, never lost a set 0-6 or 2-6

  25. I still cannot believe, people were rooting for Batista Agut.. that just shows that I am a normal human being or a tennis fan…. lol!

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