Windows Server 2016 – Active Directory Domain Services Installation & Configuration

Windows Server 2016 – Active Directory Domain Services Installation & Configuration

#Exam70-742 Identity With Windows Server 2016 – Install & Configure Active Directory

This Ittaster video provides a detailed step by step walk through of how to install & configure Active Directory Domain Services & DNS with #MicrosoftWindows Server 2016.

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Specifying a server host name
Configuring a static IP address
Installing Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
Configuring Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)
Choosing a forest root domain name (FQDN)
Installing DNS
Completing & checking the installation & configuration

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24 thoughts on “Windows Server 2016 – Active Directory Domain Services Installation & Configuration

  1. You forgot one of the most forgotten handling:
    Adding a Reverse Lookup Zone, with a A-Host Pointer Record and a LDAP / Kerberos Service Record, and a CNAME Record.
    Otherwise, your domain controller will not find itself, and its LDAP / Kerberos / Web IIS Services, in its own domain.

  2. You're the man. Easy to listen to; at the right pace and accompanied by helpful details. I didn't know I could export the AD settings.

  3. Thanks for the video, it is very helpful! I especially like how you discuss in some detail the different settings, rather than just say tic this, select that without context.

    I have a couple questions, if you don't mind:
    When you create a 2nd DC, would you recommend changing any of the settings?
    How much more difficult is it to setup a Core/Headless server instead of the Desktop Experience?

  4. Very informative – appreciate the time and effort you put into your videos; I'll be referring to this one multiple times I'm sure.

  5. It's been a while since I've released any Windows Server videos. So I thought now would be a good time to publish a new Active Directory tutorial video covering
    Windows Server 2016. I'm interested to hear your feedback and any questions you may have about Windows Server 2016 ADDS installation & configuration. Hope you find the video helpful.

    Best wishes


  6. Install 2 DC's incase of power outage… Well if you are in a small company, and there is a power outage, everything is usually affected, so what is the point on having 2 controllers, when every PC, router or switch is without power?

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