Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR – UNBOXING & Detailed REVIEW! (English)

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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR – UNBOXING & Detailed REVIEW! (English / Global) This video is my official Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR Unboxing, setup and detailed hands-on review! Display, settings, setup, battery etc all covered! Is this the best / top smartwatch 2019? Let me know your early thoughts!

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32 thoughts on “Xiaomi Huami Amazfit GTR – UNBOXING & Detailed REVIEW! (English)

  1. Love the watch! My last charge lasted 25 days, with around 3-4 days a week of gym training utilising the heart rate monitor. Haven't used the running mode so GPS wasn't used. The bezel is quite sturdy, the watch isn't babied so the bezel has next to zero scratches. The bluetooth is always connected, notifications are pushed to the phone via the App. Notifications like outlook, whatsapp, Wechat, SMS, phonecall show up regularly throughout the day, what that means is the screen comes on regularly.
    Thumbs up! Google, watch and learn.

  2. Just to update on this: I bought one and whilst it's nice to look at, it doesn't connect to GPS. At all. It did but then had a software update and now doesn't. The app still does so you can combine both to track your runs. Unless, as it did with me, crash during a run and update the software. Mid run.

  3. Bro which is more value for money as in india i am getting this watch at 150 dollars and huawei watch gt at the same price and samsung watch active cost me around 300 dollars and i am currently using a samsung s8 plus pls reply

  4. Lack of speaker means no alarm sound, no assistant, no calls. I m ok with no calls, but lacking alarm sound breaks my heart and the deal. I ll hv to wait for gtr 2 and pray tht it has,
    1. Speaker,
    2. Mic,
    3. More RAM and storage.
    4. More practical n customizable button options,
    5. Notification display and disappear with time (sometime u dnt want ur gf/wife to c what msg is displaying continuously).

  5. Thanks for the great review! Any idea if this watch will be compatible with heart rate monitor chest bands? Thanks and best regards from Brazil 🇧🇷 😁

  6. Perhaps, a serious review would specify that the app only supports walking, running and cycling, not the 12/9 sports / activities advertised. As a swimmer, I threw away € 150,00 but the worst is feeling cheated.

  7. Don't by amazefit atleast in india.
    Only service center in gaziabad, and they are very very unprofessional. They will harras u like anything

  8. Mine doesn't have the on-screen 'buttons'. It goes straight to the 'activities' scrolldown. I got the 'international' version.

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