Yankee Candle Review: 🍏 Granny Smith Apple 🍏50th Anniversary Fragrance ~Autumn/Fall 2019~

Today I have for you a review of one of the 50th Anniversary celebratory Fragrances for Fall from the 1990s in the scent Granny Smith apple
Granny Smith apple is a 1 wick paraffin wax jar with 22 oz and a burn time up to 140 hours retail for $29.99.
This collection does not come in any other form factor nor do they have melt cups or tarts.
Ths fragrance is different than the Forbidden apple fragrance that comes out at Halloween.
Some people swear by it but it was confirmed by corporate at Yankee Candle for me just like some people feel witches brew and patchouli are different but they are the exact formula.
I neglected to mention that in my video.
I’m not a big tart or sour person and even though I enjoy this candle my preference is still the sweeter Macintosh but both are extremely authentic.
The scent description for this fragrance reads as follows:
“The exhilarating tartness of crisp green apples picked right from the tree.”
Have you burned this fragrance and if so do you like it?
Please leave your thoughts and input in the comment section below.
As always thank you for being the best part of my day! I love you guys and I will see you soon with another review.
Image and likeness copywritten courtesy of Yankee Candle

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Farmer’s Market Collection:
1. Ciderhouse: The ultimate autumn harvest treat. . . freshly pressed apples, lightly spiced and ready to sip. 
2. Dried Lavender & Oak: Hand-tied bunches of lavender mill about the woodsy scents and spices of an outdoor farmer’s market. 
3. Golden Chestnut: Grab a scoop of warm chestnuts roasted with ground spices, woodsy herbs, and a touch of citrus.
4. Farmstand Festival:The inviting scents of an autumn market: mulled fruits and rich berries paired with the rustic scent of weathered woods. . . the perfect fall afternoon. 
5. Persimmon & Brown sugar: A fresh market pie of ripe persimmon with sweet, golden pastry. . . a homemade delight.
6. Sweet Maple Chai:An overflowing mug of chai-spiced milk and maple syrup swirled to creamy perfection. 

50th anniversary Autumn/Fall fragrances:
Banana nut bread:
Be thankful
Granny Smith apple
Maple sugar
Over the river
Spiced apple
French vanilla

New Fall fragrances in the main line:
Oak & Amber Incense:A woody, autumnal scent with hints of green herbs and amber. . . masculine, warm, and slightly sweet. 
Blackberry Tea: Sweet juicy berries meet an exotic tea blend with a hint of soothing rosewater

Trick or Treat: 
Haunted Hayride: 

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31 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Review: 🍏 Granny Smith Apple 🍏50th Anniversary Fragrance ~Autumn/Fall 2019~

  1. 🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏
    Good morning everyone.
    This was a very good fragrance, Very tart.
    The only thing I neglected to mention in my review is this fragrance is the difference between Granny Smith apple and Forbidden apple from Halloween.
    I think they're identical but my liaison at corporate has told me they are different in composition unlike Witches brew and patchouli which are the same.
    I hope you have a great day and after voting it was close but you next review you want to see is Maple sugar beating out Persimmon & brown sugar which came in second even though it was close.
    I love you guys and I hope you have a great day.
    Don't feed negativity, do not perpetuate it, it starts and stops with you!
    God bless and I love you guys!

  2. Hello Brenda, sending you prayers. Thanks for the review Shawn, I use to love the Granny Smith scent. I missed the online coupon & will have to wait for the next coupon to purchase this & ciderhouse & Be Thankful (one of my favorites). I had given up on Yankee, but if improved throw I will purchase again. :).

  3. Praying for you Brenda. My God give you comfort, strength, peace, and bravery. I will keep you in my prayers. Lots of love and hugs sent to you. 💞💞💞

  4. I think you rock Shawn! And sweet, sweet Brenda I am lifting you up to the ultimate Healer. Best wishes on your journey. Many blessings, M.🍊🍎🍁

  5. Hi Brenda! I will add you to my daily prayers! I have a cousin battling this horrible disease, but doing well with so much new technology and medicine these days. Sending love and light your way!❤
    Thanks for the review Shawn! I think I will pass on this one. I love my sweet scents too much! Love ya!❤

  6. Hi Shawn. Just listening to you is so comforting. It is like hanging out with an old friend. You are in my prayers. I will also keep Brenda in my prayers. There are so many people going through so much it is hard at times to stay upbeat. Then I listen to you and see your Faith and it really helps. Thank you for making my day brighter. God Bless you.

  7. Soooo, Halloween is right around the corner 😉kind of, lol…I'm all about the decorations and your house is giving me all the feels!!
    Would you consider doing a video showcasing some of your favorite decorations? And where you got them from?
    I love Sonoma candles Shawn, looking forward to that review! I bought cinnamon spice cookie from your recommendation last year…
    And to Brenda, you're absolutely in my thoughts and prayers…

  8. Brenda, as Shawn was telling us about you, I said my prayer for you. I will continue to pray for you and I send you strength, faith, and comfort to get through this. Believe that you can.

  9. Hi Brenda I am sending my prayers to you and your family. Shaun thank you for giving a shout out to her at this incrediably hard time. Prayers to the both of you that you both continue to stay strong at this difficult time.

  10. Sounds like YC is stepping up their game regarding the scent throw – YAY! My prayers are with you Brenda and you too Shawn!!

  11. I do like forbidden apple so I would probably like granny smith since its pretty similar I imagine.
    Brenda- Thinking of you. Hope you are feeling well.🎃

  12. Thanks for the review! I'll pass on this one. I love apples but I, too, prefer sweet and bakery. My favorite was Apple Crumble by BBW. Maybe they'll bring it back one day?
    Prayers sent to Brenda! Thank you, Shawn, for taking the time to give her a shout out. Prayer is a powerful thing, especially in large numbers. Continued prayers for your health as well. 🙏 💕

  13. Good morning Shawn! Hope you're doing well today. Thank you for reviewing this candle, glad I didnt purchase it because I'm not a green apple jolly rancher girl lol. Brenda my prayers will go up for you today in my daily prayers. We are with and please know, you're not alone. We love you guys. Much love to you and yours…

  14. Prayers for you Brenda. May the Lord give you comfort during this difficult time. <3

    Shawn, thanks for the Yankee reviews. It gives me some hope in that the candles might have scent again. I typically use BBW but I have had some so so Goose Creek candles but they have good scents.

  15. Sometimes I just want an authentic fragrance that is not complex. Glad to see you compare this to Forbidden Apple 🍏 because I enjoyed that one. Can’t wait to start burning this. Thank you for your descriptions Shawn. Prayers for you as well Brenda 🙏. Stay strong 💪.

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